These girl names that mean blessing from God are each beautiful and feminine. Explore the meanings and origins of each one, from Gia to Gwyneth and beyond, and find the best fit for your little girl.

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  • Aksha Aksha is an ancient Hindu baby name. You can honor your Hindi and Indian roots with this cultural option. It translates to “a blessing.”
  • Blessing The baby name Blessing, as the name implies, translates to “blessing.” This option is perfect if you want your daughter to know how much she blessed your family.
  • Gia Gia is a simple baby name from Italy. It could even be a nickname for Gianna. No matter how you use it, Gia translates to “God's gracious gift.”
  • Prish Prish is an Indian baby name. It comes from the Hindu religion, translating to “God gifted” or “loving.”
  • Mehr Mehr is a Middle Eastern name originally from Persia. You can represent your Persian heritage with this option that translates to “blessing.”
  • Atara Atara is a Hebrew name dating back to the time of the ancient Israelites. Honor your Israeli heritage and Jewish faith by considering this option. It translated to “blessed” or “crowned.”
  • Beatrix Beatrix is a spelling variation of Beatrice. It drew inspiration from the Latin word “beatus,” which means “blessed.”
  • Gwyneth Gwyneth is one of the most traditional names in Wales. It comes from Gwynedd, a Medieval option. In modern times, Gwyneth means “blessed” or “happy.”
  • Behati Behati originated among the Afrikaans people groups. Give respect to your tribal heritage with Behati. It means “blessed” or “she who brings happiness.”
  • FayeFaye comes from the Old French word “Faie.” This term was the same one used for “fairy.” Despite the mythological association, Faye means “belief” or “blessing.”
  • GracieGracie began as a nickname for Grace. Grace originated in the Christian church, representing the mercy given by God. Gracie translates to “blessing” or “favor.”
  • Hanita Hanita is an ancient name coming from India. You could shorten it to Anita if you want something more modern. This option means “divine blessing.”
  • HannahHannah was a character in the Old Testament who prayed every day for a child. Due to her faith, the name translated to “blessing,” “favor,” or “grace.”
  • Janet Janet is an old Gaelic name. It drew inspiration from Roman mythology. In the original Latin, Janet translates to “blessed queen.” In Scotland, it means “God's blessing.”
  • Miracle Miracle is a stunning option that shows the miraculous process of having a daughter. It translates to “miracle” or “blessing.”
  • Mireya Mireya is a Spanish baby name that means “miracle.” This cultural option will help showcase the blessing that your new daughter is.
  • NaomiNaomi translates to “pleasantness” or “blessed.” In the Old Testament, Naomi was the mother-in-law to Ruth. She gave a blessing to Rith who became the future grandmother of King David.
  • Nessa Nessa is a Jewish option that is the feminine form of Nes. It translates to “miracle.”
  • Pelia Pelia is a Hebrew and Arabic baby name. It can pay homage to your Jewish or Muslim background. This cultural option translates to “miracle of God.”
  • Sachi Sachi is a Japanese baby name. This option first represented a blessing from the sun god, but now it means “blessed child.”
  • Sigrid Sigrid is an old Norse name. You can represent the strength of your Viking heritage with your daughter. Singrid now means “beautiful victory” or “blessed.”
  • TheodoraTheodora is the feminine form of Theodore. It has the same youthful feel for your daughter and still means “gift of God.”
  • ZeldaZelda is a Yiddish baby name. In modern times, you may first think of the video game character. Zelda goes back to ancient Jewish traditions. More specifically, Zelda translates to “happiness” or “blessing.”
  • ElsaElsa is a popular name from Germany. It is on the rise because of the movie “Frozen.” If you want your daughter to feel like the ice queen, consider this option that means “blessed” or “God is abundant.”
  • DorotheaDorothea is a vintage-sounding name. It feels eastern European but originated in Greece, meaning “gift of God.”

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