This selection of girl names that mean shadow is filled with a variety of feminine yet mysterious-sounding names. Peruse the options, which include names of Sanskrit, Kurdish, Hebrew, and Irish origins (and beyond!) and marvel at the originality and intrigue each name offers.

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  • Seber Persons born to Kurdish ancestry might title newborn daughters Seber. Though its principally translated to mean shadow, shade is another accepted description. The name is often popular in middle eastern nations holding appreciable Kurdish populations.
  • Sayagul Sayagul is a Persian girl's moniker. In said tongue, the denomination is interpreted to mean shadow flower.
  • Ombretta – Ombretta is feminine title. In Italian, it means shadow.
  • Pangari Those born to the Australian aboriginal peoples might designate infant daughters Pangari. The title translates to shadow.
  • Hamutal Hebrew-speaking individuals might name baby girls Hamutal. Though its principle definition is shadow, it also translates to the locution of the morning dew.
  • Sayah Girls born to Arabic cultures might be titled Sayah. In said tongue, the honorific celebrates shadows. However, shade is also a recognized meaning.
  • Scathach This Irish moniker is sometimes bestowed upon newborn girls. In said language, the title relates to the phrase one who stands in the shadows.
  • Chhaya This feminine title is rooted in the Hindi dialect. Many parents of Indian decent name infant daughters this title meaning shadow or shade. In addition, the name can be spelled several different ways. Furthermore, it is also widely seen amongst Jewish subjects.
  • Mohanjot Mohanjot is an Indian girl's name. Language historians maintain that the moniker interprets to the saying individual who is covered by shadows.
  • Obscura The feminine designation holds Latin roots. In said dialect, it means dark or mysterious.
  • Rima Said title is often awarded to newborn girls. Its origins are tied to the Arabic language and is often used in India and numerous African nations.
  • Nisha This Indian name is often handed down to girls. It is Sanskrit for night. However, shadow is also a recognized meaning.
  • Amaris Persons from Hebrew-conversing backgrounds might designate infant daughters Amaris. In said dialect, the title means shadow and additionally translates to the expression child of the moon.
  • CiaraThe honorific Ciara traces its roots to the Irish tongue. It means black. One of its more famous possessors is the current American pop singer holding the same name.
  • LillithThe history surrounding this name dates back to Mesopotamian times. Said cultures knew the moniker to represent a ghost or a shadow of the night. In more recent times, it has gained a following amongst Jewish people. Moreover, its popularity increased dramatically in the wake of hit television series Cheers that featured a character of said title.
  • Nerissa Nerissa is a designation rooted in Italian ancestry. It translates to the expression one with black hair.
  • ZeldaPersons residing in German-speaking lands might name newborn girls Zelda. In old Germanic dialect, the moniker describes a dark battle. The title has also enjoyed popularity amongst Jewish subjects.
  • SamaraSamara is a feminine name holding both Arabic and Hebrew roots. Language experts maintain that the name means night talk or some similar variation of said phrasing.
  • Devany Persons of Irish extraction may designate infant girls Devany. It means dark-haired.
  • AdrienneThis name possesses Gothic origins. Language professionals claim that the title roughly translates to the phrase the shadowy lady hailing from the sea.
  • DarcyDarcy is a female moniker with links to the French language. It recognizes darkness.
  • Lefifi This girl's name rooted in African culture describes darkness. Its exact origins are from the Sesotho dialect.
  • Pouri Native New Zealanders might honor newborn daughters with the title Pouri. In the Maori tongue, it recognizes shadows and darkness.
  • Tama Subjects of Croatian heritage might choose to name infant baby girls Tama. This moniker celebrates darkness.
  • Tari Tari is a common girl's name amongst Kurdish populations. Language experts maintain that it translates to shadowy subjects and darkness.

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