When you're looking for the perfect name for your daughter, this list of girl names that mean dream is filled with delightful options. From Joetta to Alviva to Viennna and beyond, each is feminine and unique. Take a look!

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  • Alviva This English title is handed down to girls. It honors the dreamer.
  • Amabil Historians debate the language origins of this feminine moniker. Some believe that the name possesses an Italian background while others opine it holds English roots. However, no one debates that the designation represents one who turns their dreams into reality.
  • Baranti Baranti is a girl’s name with eclectic origins. The honorific shares Indian and Gaelic language ancestry and recognizes the daydreamer.
  • Deisy This title carries French beginnings. When interpreted from this tongue, Deisy celebrates dreams.
  • Godura Those fond of old English may denominate newborn daughters Godura. The name honors big dreamers.
  • Imena Various African tribes name infant girls Imena. In the dialects spoken by the members of said groups, the moniker salutes dreams.
  • Joetta Language historians maintain that this title owns old English and French origins. In both tongues, the name memorializes the dreamer.
  • Nara Nara is a feminine designation. In French, the name categorizes a dreamland.
  • Nisa Girls born to Thai-conversing families may be titled Nisa. The designation represents dreams in said Asian tongue.
  • Sadira This moniker holds French roots. Those speaking this language know the female honorific acknowledges dreamy individuals.
  • Sovanna Cambodian girls are often designated Sovanna. In the Khmer tongue, the denomination symbolizes dreams.
  • Zlota Zlota is a popular feminine name in Poland. In Polish, the moniker honors subjects who have great visions.
  • ViennaVienna is a title sometimes given to girls in Austria and Germany. In the Austrian dialects of German, the name means city of dreams. Not surprisingly, Vienna is also Austria’s capital city.
  • Yume Japanese parents might designate infant daughters Yume. The title celebrates dreams and visions.
  • Sanja Sanja is a girl’s name. When translated into English from several Slavic tongues, the moniker salutes dreams.
  • Anoushka This female denomination’s ancestry dates back to civilizations where Sanskrit was routinely spoken. Language historians maintain that Anoushka means dream or vision in said idiom. Today, the title is somewhat popularly handed down by members of the Hindu faith. Moreover, it frequently pops up in various cultures throughout the world.
  • Isleen Irish individuals could name a newborn girl Isleen. It means vision or dream.
  • Ariadne The heritage of this female title is Greek. Those conversing in said language know that this moniker commemorates dreams.
  • Avic Gaelic-conversing Irish parents might favor the honorific Avic for baby girls. The denomination translates to dreams or goals.
  • Chimere Chimere is a feminine title. In French, the name is interpreted to mean dreamy.
  • Juli Old English celebrants might designate a newborn girl Juli. It honors dreams and can be spelled several different ways. Moreover, it is seen in various ethnic backgrounds.
  • Kalpana This moniker possesses Irish cultural roots and Gaelic language origins. In Gaelic, Kalpana honors dreams and subjects bearing imagination.
  • Ruyah Like Kalpana, Ruyah also holds Gaelic language origins and Irish cultural heritage. The honorific symbolizes dreams and visions.
  • Guenhyyvar This unusual title carries old English and Welsh ancestry. When translated from those tongues, the designation celebrates dreamers and idealistic people.
  • Guraman Daughters of Indian parents might be named Guraman. This title honors the calm dreamer.

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