Celebrate the complete joy that only a newborn baby can bring by giving your daughter one of these girl names that mean gift. From Gia to Beatris to Jesse and beyond, each is delightful and feminine. Explore the meanings and origin of each of these baby names and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • AnyaAnya is a Hebrew name that shows a daughter is a blessing from Jehovah. Many associate the name with the character from the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Aldora Aldora is a girl's name that means a winged gift that comes from God. Greeks often used this name.
  • Beatris The name Beatris means blessed gift or a happy gift in Latin. This name has different spellings such as Beatrice and relates to Beatrix.
  • Callidora Callidora is a unique girl's name that stands for the gift of beauty given to a young girl. A cute nickname for this Greek name is Callie.
  • Dolly Though some think Dolly is a nickname, it's a full name that means a gift from God. This Old English name is often associated with country music singer Dolly Parton.
  • Darina Found in Slavic regions, Darina means a gift for the new parents. Some believe that Daria derived from this name.
  • Dorthea Dorthea is an older name with Greek roots that means a gift. This name is an alternative to Theodora and is often updated to Dorothy.
  • Eudora Eudora is both a traditional and unique girl's name that means a generous or bountiful gift. It was originally an ancient Greek name.
  • Gia Gia comes from an Italian term that translates to a gracious gift from God. Both a character on the show Full House and a popular model had this name.
  • Godiva Parents looking for a fun and unusual name that means a gift might like this one. Godiva comes from an Old English word and is the name of a famous chocolate company.
  • Gwen Gwen is a shorter form of Gwyneth or Gwendolyn that means a blessing or gift in Welsh. Another version of this name is Wendy, which some use as a nickname.
  • HannahThe name Hannah has Hebrew roots and means a favor or gift from God. Some parents also spell it as Hanna.
  • Janina – Janina is a unique Hebrew name that means a gift that comes from God. A popular nickname is Janie.
  • Jenica The name Jenica is a twist on Jessica that means a gift from God. This name has Romanian roots where it also means that God is gracious.
  • JesseJesse is a popular girl's name that means gift in Hebrew. It can serve as a nickname for Jessica or as a full name.
  • JoyceThe name Joyce means a gift that belonged to God that He gave to another person. Joyce is a traditional Hebrew name.
  • Medora The girl's name Medora translates to a gift given to a mother. This name comes from ancient Greece.
  • MercedesMercedes can mean a blessing or a gift when used as a girl's name. Though it has Italian roots, many associate it with the car company of the same name.
  • Miesha – Miesha is a cute and unique name that means a gift from God. Some parents spell this Slavic name as Misha.
  • Pandora Pandora comes from a Greek word that shows the child was a gift from God. This name often refers to the Greek story of Pandora's box.
  • Sian The name Sian means a gift sent from above to God. This name comes from an old Welsh term.
  • Shani Shani is a girl's name that shows a daughter's parents view her as a gift God sent them. The name originally began in Ireland.
  • Tabia In Africa, Tabia is a traditional name that means a gift or talent. This name is similar to the longer name Tabitha.
  • TheaThea is an older name that means a gift or blessing from God. Thea has Christian origins and was the name of a popular silent film actress.
  • Vanessa – The name Vanessa comes from a Hebrew term that means miracle. Many parents use Nessa or Nessie as a nickname for Vanessa.

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