The Egyptian people are known for having beautiful qualities — generosity, kindness, hospitality. If these are qualities you envision for your baby, then you may want to consider a name from this beautiful list of Egyptian baby names. Take a look!

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  • Adom Adom is an Egyptian name for boys. Pronounced the same as Adam, it means someone who gets help from God.
  • Annubis Annubis is a popular Egyptian baby name. Known as a jackal God, Annubis provided care to those passing through to the underworld.
  • Ata Ata is a unisex name that is suitable for boys and girls in Egypt. Though it means twin, it works for kids who were born with or without siblings.
  • Aziza Aziza is an Egyptian name originally used for girls but now also used for boys. The word means a child who is precious.
  • Chione Chione is an Egyptian girl's name. This name means the mythical daughter of the Nile. Many believe that it dates back to the construction of the Sphinx.
  • Cleopatra Cleopatra is one of the most famous women in history, which is why her name is still so popular. Egyptians often use Cleo as a nickname for the full name.
  • IsisIsis is a traditional girl's name used in Egypt. Though not as popular as it once was, it was the name of an ancient goddess.
  • KarimKarim is a boy's name with Egyptian roots. The name comes from an old term that describes someone who is generous to others and noble.
  • MariamMariam is an Egyptian name for girls. It comes from a Hebrew word that means a child someone wished for and is a version of the name Mary.
  • Moswen Moswen is a unisex name from Egypt. This name traditionally meant someone who had light skin.
  • Nane Nane is an Egyptian name that is suitable for boys and girls. The name means someone who is nice and kind.
  • Nile Though Nile was originally an Egyptian boy's name, it's now used for girls, too. It stands for the mighty river and means someone who is strong and can meet any challenges.
  • NourNour is a unique name for male babies in Egypt. A popular Egyptian actor has this name, which means light.
  • OsirisOsiris is another unisex name that is more commonly associated with boys than girls. This name comes from Osiris who watched over people on the other side.
  • Ramla Ramla is an Egyptian girl's name that has mystical connotations. It means someone who can predict or see the future.
  • Rashidi Rashidi is similar to the female name Rashida. This Egyptian boy's name means wise.
  • SabraSabra is a boy's name in Egypt that some are also using as a girl's name. It means someone who is patient.
  • SethSeth is a boy's name that has roots in Egypt. It comes from an ancient animal God and one of Adam and Eve's children.
  • Sobekemsaf Sobekemsaf is a traditional boy's name in Egypt that some girls also receive. The name refers to an individual protected by Sobek.
  • Sadiki Sadiki is traditionally a boy's name in Egypt. This name means that the child is faithful.
  • Safiya Safiya is a female name used by Egyptians. It is pronounced similar to Sofia and means the baby is pure of heart.
  • Tabia Tabia is a unique Egyptian name for baby girls. The name shows that the child is talented.
  • Tau Tau is a fun and unique baby boy name in Egypt. It comes from an old term for a lion.
  • Umayma Umayma is an ancient name used for girls in Egypt. This name means little mother and is often used to show that a daughter resembles her mom.
  • Zahur Zahur is a boy's name from Egypt. The name means flower and has a female version, Zahra.

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