From Cairo to Zuberi, this list of Egyptian baby names for boys is filled with handsome options. Take a look and find the perfect fit for your son!

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  • Abasi Abasi is a popular Egyptian boy's name. Though the official meaning is stern, it can refer to those who are more pious or serious than their peers.
  • Abayomi Abayomi is a boy's name from Egypt. The name means someone who brings joy. Parents like the name because their baby boys bring them happiness.
  • Babu Babu is an Egyptian boy's name that dates back to ancient times. It was the name given to the first child Osiris has. Today, parents often give it to their firstborn.
  • Baako Baako is a boy's name used in Egypt. This name has connections to Africa and essentially means the first child born to a set of parents.
  • Cairo Cairo is a popular boy's name in Egypt. It is also the name of the country's capital. When used as a male name, Cairo means someone who is victorious in their pursuits.
  • Darwish Darwish is an Egyptian boy's name that has roots in Persia. The literal meaning of the name is saint, but it can also apply to those who are pious or strong in their beliefs.
  • Femi Femi is a boy's name used in both Egypt and Africa. This name started in Africa and then spread to Egypt as parents fell in love with the name, which means love in English.
  • Horus Horus is one of several names used in Egypt for boys that connect to ancient gods. Horus was the sky god and remains a popular boy's name in the country.
  • JabariJabari is a boy's name often used in Egypt. The literal meaning is a brave man. It shows that a little boy may grow up to become a brave man.
  • Lateef Lateef is a popular boy's name in Egypt. It refers to someone who is kind but mild or a boy who is kind to others and keeps to himself.
  • Masuda Masuda is an Egyptian boy's name. The name describes a male who is happy and joyful. It often applies to babies who smile often.
  • Ramses Ramses is a boy's name that dates back to ancient times in Egypt. The name means son of God and refers to Ramses himself who was a king during the New Kingdom.
  • Sa'd Sa'd is a male's name that Egyptians pronounce in different ways. It usually means someone who has good luck or someone who has good fortune.
  • Shakir Shakir is a popular boy's name in Egypt. As the name means grateful, it can encourage boys to be thankful for what they have.
  • Sethos Sethos is an Egyptian boy's name and the name of a former prince. The name has no set meaning but relates to early royalty.
  • Taafeef Taafeef is a boy's name found in Egypt. It is an older term that relates to the reading of hymns and praising of God.
  • Thoth Thoth ranks as one of the top names for boys in Egypt. This name comes from the name used by the God of the Moon.
  • Tor Tor is a name that was popular for many years in Egypt for boys. It is the name of a former king adopted by regular people to honor him.
  • Ubaid Ubaid is an Egyptian term now used as a male's name. This name comes from an ancient term that means someone who is faithful.
  • Ufa Ufa is a unique boy's name in Egypt. The name comes from a term used to describe flour.
  • Ur – Ur is an Egyptian boy's name. It means great.
  • Waaiz Waaiz is a boy's name from Egypt. The name can mean someone who gives good advice or someone who acts as a preacher and often represents the parents' goals for their child.
  • Yafeu Yafeu is an Egyptian boy's name. Both the name and the term refer to someone who is bold.
  • Yahya Egyptians use Yahya as a term and a popular boy's name. It means given by God and allows parents to tell others that they feel blessed by their new bundle of joy.
  • Zuberi Zuberi is an Egyptian boy's name. When translated to English, the name simply means strong and may refer to physical or emotional strength.

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