From Farida to Dalilah, there are lots of beautiful Egyptian baby names for girls. Take a look at the below list and find the perfect name for your daughter — one that is rich in meaning and impact.

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  • Anippe Anippe is an Egyptian girl name. It means “Daughter of the Nile” and reminds others of ancient times.
  • Bastet Bastet is an Egyptian name for girls. The name dates back to ancient Egypt and comes from a term that means taking ointment from an ointment jar.
  • Bennu Bennu is an Egyptian girl's name. It is usually associated with the phoenix rising from its ashes and refers to anything that shines or has great luster.
  • Dalilah Dalilah is a popular Egyptian name used in songs that has Hebrew origins. This name means someone who is delicate and appeared in the Old Testament.
  • Ebonee Ebonee is a girl's name that has Egyptian origins. It has different spellings such as Ebony and refers to a type of dark wood that is almost black in color.
  • Farida Farida is a girl's name that started in Africa and later spread to Egypt. It is popular with parents as the name stands for someone who is precious and important.
  • Gamila Gamila is a popular girl's name in Egypt. The name has Swahili and African origins and is pronounced the same way as Jamila.
  • Habibah Habibah is a popular name for girls in Egypt. Though the name has African roots, it became popular as a term of endearment such as sweetheart. The name also appears in a handful of popular songs.
  • Heqet Heqet dates back to ancient times and is a popular Egyptian girl's name. The name essentially means ruler and connects to the Egyptian Goddess of Fertility.
  • Ife Ife is a unique name used in Egypt for girls. It means someone who is pure and beautiful. The name can also mean everlasting beauty and love.
  • Kissa Kissa is an adorable name for girls with Egyptian origins. It was originally used as a name for a girl who had twin sisters but now works for all types of girls.
  • Lapis Lapis is a girl's name in Egypt. This name comes from the stone of the same name, which is a beautiful blue and can mean a precious child.
  • Lotus Lotus is a girl's name growing in popularity in Egypt. It is derived from the lotus blossom and can mean grace or purity.
  • Maibe Maibe is an unusual Egyptian girl's name. Though the word means grave, it refers to those who are more somber and serious than their peers rather than a burial spot.
  • Mesi Mesi is one of the nature names given to girls in Egypt. The name refers to water, which ancient Egyptians called one of the most important elements needed for life.
  • Neema Neema is a Swahili term that became a popular Egyptian girl's name. It refers to a child born during a good time when the parents were prosperous.
  • Onofria Onofria is an Egyptian term and name. As a name, it means someone who is happy and joyful. It can also mean a girl who is always cheerful.
  • Pili Pili is a name given to girls that has Egyptian roots. It refers to the second child born into a family.
  • Rashida Rashida is popular in Egypt and other nations. This name is for girls who are righteous and serious. It can also describe girls who aren't afraid to make decisions.
  • Salma Salma is an Egyptian girl's name. It's pronounced similar to Selma and means someone who brings peace to others.
  • Shani Shani is a unique Egyptian name used for girls. Though some think it's a nickname, it is a full name that has Hebrew origins. The name means a baby girl who is talented and wondrous.
  • Tanit Tanit is both an Egyptian girl's name and the name of a goddess. The name comes from the name used by the Punic Goddess of Love.
  • Tauret Tauret is another girl's name in Egypt that relates to a goddess. It was the name used by the Goddess of Pregnant Women and now refers to charismatic women.
  • Tiye Tiye is an Egyptian name for girls derived from the former queen of the same name. Parents often give the name to girls they want to see become strong.
  • Zuberi Zuberi is a baby girl's name that has origins in Egypt. This name applies to girls who are motivated and strong as well as those who inspire others.

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