From Rue, which means “to regret,” to Dolores, which means “our lady of sorrows,” this list of girl names that mean misfortune is filled with many unique and impactful options. Peruse the list and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • ErisEris is the Greek goddess of strife and discord. Her Roman name is even more telling: Discordia.
  • Daeva – A daeva is a supernatural entity in Indian culture, one that's said to have “disagreeable characteristics.” It can make a beautifully unique baby name with a divine origin story.
  • OpheliaAs one of the most famously tragic figures in Greek mythology, Ophelia is definitely a name that will bring misfortune to mind.
  • Morticia – Morticia was a name invented for The Addams Family, but despite its lack of linguistic roots, it'll definitely invoke dark and gothic thoughts.
  • Bora Behind its short, cute spelling, Bora is a powerful name. It means “storm” in Turkish, which was traditionally considered a sign of misfortune.
  • Rue – You might recognize this one from The Hunger Games, but Rue is actually an English verb that means “to regret.”
  • MaraMara means “bitter” and was the chosen moniker of a Biblical wife who renamed herself in grief after the death of her husbands and sons. It's of Hebrew origin.
  • Belladonna It means “beautiful lady” in Latin, but since another name for Belladonna is deadly nightshade, this name will definitely strike fear in the hearts of her enemies.
  • Perdita A unique baby name, Perdita comes from Latin and means “lost.” It isn't quite “misfortune,” but it's in the same wheelhouse.
  • LoraleiLiterally meaning “enchantress,” Loralei is best known in Germany for the myth of a woman who threw herself into the sea because of a faithless lover. She then transformed into a siren who spent the rest of her days luring unfortunate men to their deaths.
  • Zilla Derived from Hebrew, Zilla is a dark baby girl name that means “shadow,” “shade,” or “gloom.”
  • Thana She'll never have anything to fear with a name like Thana. It means “death” in Arabic, so she'll conquer it with every day of life.
  • Morrigan Bringing misfortune to many people at the same time, Morrigan is an ancient Irish goddess of war. Some even call her “the goddess of eternal warfare.”
  • Tempest Give your daughter a powerful and enchanting name when you call her Tempest. It's the worst, most dreaded kind of storm, so it's also the strongest.
  • CassandraEveryone knows the story of Cassandra. Blessed with foresight, she was doomed to never have anyone believe in her prophecies. It's one of the oldest and most enduring Greek myths.
  • Dolores Popular in Spanish-speaking countries, Dolores means “sorrow” or “pain.” It's sometimes associated with the Virgin Mary when she's called “Our Lady of Dolours” or “Our Lady of Sorrows.”
  • Dysnomia Dysnomia is the Greek goddess of lawlessness, which can be considered a sign of misfortune in its own way. She's often associated with Adikia, the goddess of wrongdoing.
  • Huyana Huyana comes from the Miwok tribe of North America. Though its meaning, “falling rain,” is quite beautiful, it can also be considered bad luck.
  • Keres Pronounced KEHR-z, this is another name from Greek mythology, and it refers to the violent female death spirits who haunted battlegrounds and personified bloody deaths.
  • Claudia Claudia is a common name with an uncommon meaning: “lame.” It's definitely one with hidden depths.
  • Pandora You've probably heard of Pandora's Box and all of the evil that it unleashed. This is a name for a daughter who will leave her mark on the world no matter what!
  • MollyMolly is a baby girl name that means “bitter.” Its origins are unknown, but it's popular in many parts of Europe.
  • Jezebel Another Biblical name, this one literally means “not exalted,” which is a polite way of referring to someone with an evil or unfortunate nature.
  • Shenzi Shenzi is a girl's name that means “fierce” or “savage” in Swahili. If you want the misfortune directed outwards, this is the name to do it.
  • Cecelia Cecelia means “blind,” and its most famous historical bearer was a female martyr who was executed for refusing to worship Roman gods. She had to be killed with multiple methods because the first ones wouldn't work. If that isn't unfortunate, nothing is!

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