From Marisol to Eru and beyond, this list of baby names that mean lonely is filled with unique options for both boys and girls. Some of the names literally mean lonely or alone, while others have meanings that conjure such emotions. Take a look and find the perfect name for your little one.

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  • Enola Enola is “alone” spelled backwards, making it a very fitting name for lonely girls.
  • Moneta – Moneta is a beautiful baby name that means “alone” as well as “unique,” “special,” and “solitary.” It comes from the Greek word moneres, which means “alone.”
  • AinsleyUsed for both girls and boys, Ainsley is a Scottish name that means “solitary meadow” or “one's own meadow.” It offers a striking balance between lovely and melancholy.
  • Einar – Einar comes from Old Norse and is a reference to the einherjar warriors who were taken to Valhalla by the valkyries. The word literally translates to “army of one” or “those who fight alone.”
  • Sam – While it has multiple meanings in multiple languages, sam is the old Slavic word for “alone,” which makes it perfect if you want a short and simple baby name. Just make sure to pronounce it SAHM.
  • Marisol – Marisol is derived from the Spanish words mar (“sea”) and sol (“sun”), but it's also commonly associated with the Virgin Mary. Mary is commonly called Our Lady of Solitude or Our Lady of Sorrows.
  • Erkin This cute baby name comes from the Turkic language family. It means “free” and “independent,” which isn't quite “lonely,” but it can invoke similar feelings of being on your own and standing on your own two feet.
  • ZevZev is a Hebrew name that means “wolf.” Just imagine a lone wolf howling to the moon on a dark night.
  • Kaivalya – Kaivalya is a gorgeous name that means “solitude,” “detachment,” or “isolation” in Sanskrit. It's also used in yoga and meditative prayers related to moksha or enlightenment.
  • Solavita – Solavita comes from the Italian words sola (“alone”) and vita (“life”). It can put a positive, upbeat spin on the concept of solitude. Introvert power!
  • Isel Isel is an Anglo-Saxon name. It was probably used in reference to living on an island, which makes it suitable for baby names relating to loneliness, isolation, or being apart from others.
  • Elam Elam is an old Hebrew name that means “distant.” You might recognize it from the Bible: Noah's grandson was named Elam, and his followers were dubbed the Elamites.
  • Hitori Coming from Japan, Hitori is a unisex name that means “alone” or “one person.” It's pronounced hee-TOH-ree and is also used as an everyday noun and counter as well as a baby name.
  • Celestria Meaning “of the sky” in Latin, Celestria could be an otherworldly baby name that suggests solitude through distance. Stars are lonely, for example, even though they're beautiful.
  • Almana Almana could be a beautiful and unusual baby name for a little girl. It comes from ancient Hebrew, and it's translated as “alone,” “lonely,” and even “widowed.”
  • Bakar – Bakar comes from Basque, a little-known language spoken by people on the border between France and Spain. It comes from the word bakarrik or “alone.” The feminine version is Bakarne.
  • Eru Invented by J.R.R. Tolkien, Eru means “the one” or “he who is alone,” and it refers to the supreme deity or creator of all. It could be a nice name for fantasy fans!
  • Aikya Aikya is an Indian name that means “unity,” but another translation is “one alone.” This is the feminine version; the masculine version is Aikyan.
  • Channing Channing is a unisex name that means “wolf cub,” which makes it quite suitable for newborns while also playing on the lone wolf motif.
  • Tacita Tacita comes from the Latin word for “silence.” You might know Dea Tacita from Greek mythology: She was “the silent goddess” or the goddess of the dead.
  • Stian – Pronounced STEE-an, this Nordic name is derived from the archaic word stígandr meaning “wanderer” or “on his feet.” Not all travelers are lonely, of course, but you could think of it that way.
  • Ekaanta Ekaanta is an Indian name that means “solitude” or “peaceful,” making it another baby name that equates solitude with happiness and well-being.
  • Forlorn Forlorn is an English noun that means “sad,” “lonely,” or “melancholy.” It's considered an “anti-virtue” name that counters ones like Faith and Grace.
  • Dalimil – Dalimil comes from the Czech Slavic language family. It's derived from the word dali meaning “distant” or “far away.”
  • Honja Another name that doubles as a noun and a counter, Honja comes from Korea, and it means “alone” or “by oneself.” It's pronounced HOHN-jah. You can use it for boys and girls alike.

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