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Girl Names That Mean Illusion

girl names that mean illusion

Girl Names That Mean Illusion

From Ruse to Isleen to Eclipse and beyond, each of these girl names that mean illusion — or give nod to an illusion — are feminine and unique. Explore the options — complete with origin and meaning — to find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Ruse Though it technically means “red-haired” in old Slavic languages, the word “ruse” is more commonly known as a trick or a deception.
  • Clarity Clarity is a “virtue name” like Faith, Grace, or Patience, but it can be used by the secular as well as the spiritual. Consider it a blessing for your daughter to see through all illusions.
  • Kiama Meaning “magic” in Kenyan, Kiama is a delightful and fantastical baby girl name.
  • ErisHailing from Greek mythology, Eris is the goddess of discord and destruction, using many kinds of magic to match the mischief of her brother Ares, the god of war.
  • Gizem Gizem means “mystery” or “enigma,” and it'll make for a fabulously unique baby name from Turkey.
  • Eucharis Eucharis means “grace” and “charm,” two traits that often go hand-in-hand in tales about enchanting sorceresses. It's also the name of a pretty white flower known as the Amazon lily.
  • Trixie Trixie means “bringer of joy,” but it certainly sounds like a trickster name for girls, doesn't it?
  • Yume Pronounced YOO-may, this is a sweet and delicate baby name for girls. It comes from Japan and means “dream.”
  • CassandraCassandra can be an ironic name to give to a daughter of illusion. It refers to the Cassandra of Greek mythology, doomed to speak prophecies that no one ever believed.
  • Druella With roots in German, Druella means “elfin vision,” which has a charming, storybook-like quality while still being an everyday kind of name.
  • Selket The ancient Egyptian goddess of both scorpions and magic, Selket will be a powerful name for your daughter. Alternative spellings include Serket, Selqet, and Serqet.
  • Isleen Pronounced either eye-SLEEN or eyes-LEEN, this poetic girl's name comes from Ireland and has the meaning of “dream” or “vision”
  • Lalita Meaning “playful” and “charming,” Lalita is a fun name that will roll off the tongue. If your baby girl already has you wrapped around her little finger, this is the name for her.
  • Eclipse Another noun-name, this one could call to mind all of the powerful magic of a solar or lunar eclipse. Additionally, some cultures considered eclipses an illusion from the gods.
  • Roya Meaning “dream” or “vision,” Roya has a cute, spunky kind of feeling. It comes from Persia, but it wouldn't sound out of place in English-speaking countries, either.
  • Sansa – Though it's best known as a Game of Thrones character, the name Sansa actually comes from Sanskrit, and it means “praise,” “charm,” and “grace.”
  • Darsha Darsha is a Hindu name that means “to see,” “to perceive,” or “to have vision.” It could be used as a talisman for your baby to see through illusions and other deceptions.
  • Noam Noam is a baby name with origins in Hebrew. It means “charm” and is given to sweet, good-natured babies who really charm you.
  • Winola Winola means “charming friend” and comes from Germany. Though it looks similar to the Native American “Winona,” it has nothing to do with it; that name means “first-born daughter.”
  • Alcina Alcina means “strong-willed,” but it's best known for the Greek opera where Alcina is a magical enchantress of mighty proportions.
  • Kanasu Pronounced with three distinct syllables like KHAN-ah-su, this fun and fresh baby name comes from Sanskrit. It means “dream.”
  • Allure Another name that doubles as an everyday word, Allure can be a great choice for those who believe in the law of attraction. If you give her a name that's alluring, your daughter will be alluring, too.
  • Noelani Coming from the Hawaiian language, Noelani is a gorgeous baby name that means “heavenly mist” or “mist of heaven.” It's a magical sort of name for an optical delight.
  • Cherlindrea – Cherlindrea comes from the fantasy movie Willow, and it's the name of the queen of the magical, forest-dwelling fairies. They make themselves look perpetually youthful through an illusion.
  • Mystique – Not only does it refer to the mystique of the world, but it's also the name of an appearance-changing character in the X-Men movies, making this a mighty name for illusions!

When Should You Decide On a Baby Name?

Fortunately, you have plenty of time to decide what name is right for your baby. Many parents are so excited about their upcoming child that they start thinking about names right away. There's nothing wrong with this, but it's also okay to wait until your second trimester to start looking at names!

It's a good rule of thumb to have a name picked out for your baby no later than 2-3 weeks in advance of their due date. You'll have plenty to worry about in the last weeks of your pregnancy without having to also decide on a name. Plan to start getting serious about picking a name in advance of that 2-3 week mark, so that you have time to go through all of your options.

This is an important decision, so it's important not to rush. Giving yourself enough time is crucial, but sometimes life gets in the way and we don't have the chance to spend as much time thinking about names as we want. Staying organized and being firm in your decisions can help keep the process going smoothly and efficiently.

In the event that you're torn between two names, getting an outside opinion can always be useful. You don't need to ask every last person you know; pick a few whose opinions you trust, and go from there. Hopefully, the majority opinion will swing in one direction. If not, you may need to consider other alternatives for picking between the names.

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