If you're looking to give your daughter a name that embodies courage, bravery and a strong will, check out this list of girl names that mean strength. From Bree to Gesine to Millicent and beyond, each of these names is both bold and beautiful at once. Take a look!

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  • AdiraAdira is a Hebrew name for athletic girls. It simply means “strong” and is a somewhat rare and unique name.
  • AilaAila is a Finnish and Gaelic name for strong girls. It translates as “from the strong place” and could be an amusing reference to conception after an impressive finish in a competition.
  • Alcina Alcina is a great Greek name for girls who will grow up into power. While the name means “strong-willed,” it comes from a sorceress who wielded enough power to render men harmless.
  • Alcmene Alcmene is the name of a strong woman from Greek mythology. While the name means “moon strength,” Alcmene was mother to Herakles.
  • Almalda Almalda is a German name for girls with some fight. It just means “strong.”
  • Alsie Alsie is a Greek name for sturdy girls. It means “having a strong will.” Alcie is a known variant spelling of this name, which is also derivative of Alcina.
  • Bedelia Bedelia is an Irish name for powerful females. In fact, it means “strong one,” or, if you feel particular proud of your child, “exalted one.”
  • Bree Bree is a Gaelic version of the girl's name Bedelia. Understandably, it also means “strength” or “exalted one. Bree gained some popularity thanks to Bree Van de Kamp from the primetime sitcom Desperate Housewives.
  • Briana Briana is the feminine form of the sturdy Irish name Brian. Just like Brian, also means: “strong,” “virtuous” and “honorable.” A Briana appears in Edmund Spenser's “The Faerie Queene.” Variant spellings of this name include Breana, Breanna and even Brienne, as exemplified by Brienne of Tarth from “Game of Thrones.”
  • Ebba Ebba is a brawny and sturdy German girl's name. It can mean either “fortress of riches” or “boar's strength.”
  • Everette Everette seems to be an Old English version of the tough girl's name Ebba. It can mean “wild boar,” “brave,” “hardy,” or “strong.”
  • Hereswith Hereswith is an Old English girl's name that brings military might to mind. It means “strength of the army.” In essence, this one child may develop the strength of a one-woman army. Hereswith was also the name of a Northumbrian saint.
  • Gesine Gesine is a very odd German variant of the mighty girl's name Gertrude. Much like Gertrude, Gesine means “spear's strength.” Gesina is a known variant spelling of this name variant.
  • Imala Imala is a Native American name for hardy girls. It means “strong of mind.”
  • Isa Isa is the sort of German name you give a girl with great mental fortitude. It specially means “having a strong will.” Isa is likely shortened from Isabel or Isabella.
  • Karla Karla is a powerful French name for any girl. Simply put, it means “strong.”
  • Karleen Karleen is a great German name for your little “warlady.” It means “womanly strength.”
  • Keren Keren is a Hebrew girl's name of many powers. This one name can mean “strength,” “power” “horn of the ram” or “ray of light.”
  • MatildaMatilda is the sort of German name you give to any girl who can give as much as she gets on the playground. It can mean “might,” “power,” or “battle.”
  • Melisande- is a French name for girls with a firm grip. It means “strong in work.”
  • MildredMildred is an Old English girl's name that helps teach how not all strength is overt. Indeed, it means “gentle strength.”
  • Millicent- is a German version of the name mighty girl's name Melisande. As such, it also means “strong in work.”
  • Trudy Trudy is a diminutive yet still powerful form of the German girl's name Gertrude. This particular name, much like its “parent,” means “spear of strength.”
  • ValerieValerie is a French name for rugged girls. It can mean either “strength” or “health” and comes from a martyred saint. Valeria is a known variant spelling.
  • Walburga Walburga is a German name for sturdy girls. Its exact meaning is “strong protection” and is taken from an Eighth Century missionary/ Walpurga and Walpurgis are known variant spellings.

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