If you envision your child having a strong sense of self and a brave and courageous heart, then you may want to consider a name from this list of baby names that mean strength. Each is bold and commanding and will no doubt lead your little one to embody and strong and enviable life.

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  • Aimilios Aimilios is a Greek boy's name that literally means “strength.” This comes from two Greek saints; one was an anti-pagan martyr in the Fourth Century, the other was a Ninth Century bishop.
  • Amzi Amzi is a Hebrew boy's name meaning “strong.” There are several Amzis within the Bible.
  • AndreaAndrea is a forcefully feminine version of the Greek name Andrew. As such, it means “strong.”
  • Arne Arne is a Dutch and Scandinavian version of the name mighty boy's name Arnold. It can either mean “ruler” or “strong as an eagle.”
  • ArnoldArnold is an Old English boy's name associated with strength. Indeed, it means “ruler” or “might of an eagle.”
  • Arsenio Arsenio is a Spanish boy's name associated with power. In fact, it means “strong and virile.”
  • Asta Asta is a Norwegian name for strapping girls. It means “divine strength.”
  • Autry Autry is a French boy's name that married might with virtue. The exact meaning of Autry as a name is “noble strength.”
  • AzielAziel is a Hebrew name that helps to remind a boy where his power comes from. It means “God is my strength.”
  • Bali Bali is a Sanskrit name for sturdy girls. It just means “strength.”
  • BridgetBridget is an Irish name for girl warriors. It can mean either “strength” or “exalted one.”
  • Emerson/Emersyn These two names are the masculine and feminine versions of the same mighty Old English name. Both of them mean “child of the brave and powerful one.”
  • LiamLiam is an Irish name suitable for boys that fight at every step. It means “strong will.”
  • Limbani Limbani is an encouraging Chewa name for boys that will hopefully grow into power. It means “be strong.”
  • MahoganyMahogany is a Spanish name for fit girls. While you might wonder why you should name your girl after wood, know that the wood gets its name from this word which means “rich” or “strong.”
  • Maoz Maoz is a Hebrew name for sturdy boys. It can mean either “fortress” or “strength.” Notably, this name tends to be given to boys born during Hannukah due to the relevance of the song “Maoz Tzur,” meaning “Rock of Ages.”
  • Metin Metin is a Turkish name for robust boys. It just means “strong.”
  • Oz Oz is a Hebrew boy's name for future warriors or priests. It can mean either “strength” or “God's warrior.”
  • Pacome Pacome is a French name that would suit future law enforcers well. It can mean either “strong natured” or “pacifier,” as in someone who brings peace.
  • Rostam Rostam is a Persian name for boys that may encourage development into a robust man. It can mean “tall,” “he of strong build” or “brave.”
  • Swithun Swithun, or Swithin, is an English name that suits boys with great brawn or brains. It can mean “quick” or “strong.”
  • Takeo Takeo is a Japanese boy's name that recognizes nature's strength might. It means “strong as bamboo.”
  • ValentineValentine is an English name for boys who can hold their own. It merely means “strong.”
  • Valens Valens is a Latin boy's name for mighty males. It can mean “strong,” “vigorous” or “healthy” and is pronounced “WALL-ens”
  • Warrick Warrick is an English boy's name that is well suited to capable protectors. It means “strong defensive leader.”

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