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Valentine is a bit of a vintage baby name in the United States these days, but it's a classic that will never go out of style, so don't shy away from it for your son or even your daughter. It's often associated with popular characters from literature and film, and Shakespeare was a huge fan. Of course, many new parents will associate the name with the Christian saint and the holiday of love that he inspired.

Meaning of the name Valentine:

Latin: Strength and healthy

Origin of the name Valentine:

Valentine is a given name derived from the Roman surname Valentinus. Valentinus was derived from the word “valens,” which means “strong and healthy.”

Symbolism of the name Valentine:

Because of its meaning, the baby name Valentine may symbolize someone who is literally strong and healthy. However, in modern times, because of its association with Valentine's Day, new parents may associate it with love.

Style of the name Valentine:


Gender of the name Valentine:

Valentine is a nam for both boys and girls, though it's been more common for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Valentine:


Number of syllables in the name Valentine:


Emotion evoked from the name Valentine:

The baby name Valentine evokes images of someone who is artistic and philosophical.

Alternative spellings for the name Valentine:

  • Valentin

Nicknames for the name Valentine:

  • Val
  • Vale
  • Tino
  • Len
  • Ty

Popularity of the name Valentine:

Valentine was a top 1,000 baby name for boys in the United States until 1955. It last ranked at 940, according to the Social Security Administration. It briefly made an appearance on the list of top 1,000 baby names for girls in the United States in 1917.

Related names for the name Valentine:

  • Valerian
  • Constantine
  • Wolfgang
  • Lazarus
  • Percival

Great middle names for Valentine and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Valentine:

Valentines in popular culture:

  • Valentine Coverly (character from the play “Arcadia”)
  • ValentineVillefort (character from the book “The Count of Monte Cristo”)
  • Valentine Warleggan (character from the “Poldark” series of books)
  • Valentine Wiggin (character from the “Enders Game” series of books)
  • ValentineSmith (character from the book “Stranger in a Strange Land”)
  • Valentine Corliss (character from the movie “The Bad Sister”)
  • Valentine McKee (character from the movie “Tremors”)
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