Austin is a shortened version of Augustine, meaning great or magnificent. Austin can be found all the way back to the Middle Ages but gained most of its popularity in the 1990s. In America the name is sometimes associated with Stephen Austin, the founder of the Republic of Texas. The name Austin has a nice Southern feel and pairs great with many middle names.

Meaning of the baby's name Austin:

Great, magnificent

Origin of the name Austin :

French and Latin

Symbolism of the name Austin:

Boyish charm

Baby name Austin

Style of the name Austin:

Austin is a traditional name.

Gender of the name Austin:

Austin is a great name for both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the baby name Austin:


Syllables in the name Austin:


Emotion evoked from the name Austin :

Sweet, Southern

Alternative spellings for the name Austin :

Austen, Austyn

Nicknames for the name Austin:

  • Oz
  • Texas
  • Tex
  • Ozzie

Popularity of the name Austin :

According to the Social Security Administration index, the name Austin was most popular in the year 1997, with 25,118 boys given that name. It was ranked #9 in terms of popularity that year.

In 1994, 224 baby girls were named Austin, ranking #861.

Related names for the name Austin:

Great middle names for Austin and their meaning:

  • Robert (bright flame)
  • Casey or Case (brave and sweet)
  • Chase (Hunter)
  • Asher (fortunate)
  • Griffin (fierce, hooked nose)
  • Myles (merciful)
  • Beck (brook or stream)
  • Blake (dark black or pale white hair)

Famous people with the name Austin :

Movies/Pop culture:

  • Austin Powers (Character played by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers film franchise)
  • “Austin” (Country music song released by Blake Shelton in April 2001)