2007 brought us the iPhone, the final installment of the Harry Potter book series, and saw the emergence of the global financial crisis. With all the highs and lows of the year, tradition still won out with several of the top 2007 names for boys and girls inspired by classical, Victorian and Biblical names.

Naming a child is never an easy task, and anyone who has raised a child is aware of the struggle that is picking a name for the new bundle of joy in your life. This process can take quite a while and may have several people from different walks of life contributing to the cadre of names. Several things can influence a name choice for a family – wanting to impart a personality trait, family tradition, a favorite movie or even song lyrics.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2007

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A Classical Approach

Taking a classical approach to naming your child is popular by parents who want to have a timeless and enduring name. Richard, Christian, Henry and Charles were some of the top 2007 boy names, all names which evoke the memory of great leaders in the past. Elizabeth, Charlotte, Mary and Isabella were all ranked highly for 2007 girl names. These girl names also bring to mind great rulers of powerful nations.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2007

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Favorite Place

Place names as baby names have become even more popular than they previously were. Some of the most popular names from 2007 were inspired by place names. Jordan, Austin, Sydney, Caroline and Brooklyn were all popular names inspired by places that were ranking among the top.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2007

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Whimsical Fancy

More parents turned towards whimsy and original names during the 2007 year as well. Names such as Tristan, Autumn, Brayden, Nevaeh and Jayden brought a softer and more fanciful nature to the name game of 2007.

No matter what your choice is for 2007 baby names, the name will be a lasting reminder of your views and family life for 2007.

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