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SAvannah is among the ranks of popular girl names that begin with the letter S. It is also the name of a type of habitat on the earth and of a popular city in the state of Georgia. The name has been within the top 100 of girl names since the year 1993, for close to 30 years.

Meaning of the name Savannah:

Native American (Taino): open plain

Origin of the name Savannah:

The baby name Savannah comes from the Taino word “zabana” which means open plain or grassy plain. The English changed the word “zabana” to Savannah as a name in the nineteenth century. It became popularized in the 1980s through the movie called “Savannah Smiles.”

Symbolism of the name Savannah:

The baby name Savannah is the same as the word “savannah.” Each of these words comes from the Taino Native American “zabana” which translates to Savannah in English. When thinking of a Savannah, you do think of a wide-open plain.

Baby name Savannah

Style of the name Savannah:


Gender of the name Savannah:

The baby name Savannah is a female name based on Native American tradition.

Pronunciation of the name Savannah:


Number of syllables in the name Savannah:


Emotion evoked from the name Savannah:

The baby name Savannah is unique and feels freeing. It has a natural vibe to it.

Alternative spellings for the name Savannah:

  • Savanna
  • Sahvanna
  • Sahvannah

Nicknames for the name Savannah:

  • Anna 
  • Vannah
  • Ava 
  • Ann
  • Sava
  • Sannah
  • Sav
  • Sava

Popularity of the name Savannah:

The baby name Savannah has been on the top 100 list since 1993. It was actually on the top 50 list for girls from 1996 until 2018. As of the year 2020, the name ranks at number 67 on the Social Security Index.

Related names for the name Savannah:

Great middle names for Savannah and their meanings:

  • Brooke (water, small stream)
  • Bridget (power, vigor, virtue)
  • Ashlyn (dream)
  • Reese (ardent, fiery)
  • Liv (shelter, protection)
  • Lilly (Lilly flower)

Famous people with the name Savannah:

Savannahs in popular culture:

  • Savannah Curtis (main character from “Dear John”)
  • Savannah Driscoll (main character from “Savannah Smiles”)
  • Savannah King (character from “Red”)
  • Savannah Kinkirk (character from “Seventh Heaven”)
  • Savannah (character from “Phoenix Drop High”)
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