If you're looking for a moody name for your baby, check out this list of baby names that mean grey. From Leslie to Zelda and Argento to Ferrand, each name is unique and intriguing. Take a look!

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  • Aranhad Aranhad is a unique name for girls that can mean either silver or a grey wheel. Arrie is a fun nickname that goes along with this name.
  • Argento Argento is a classic Italian name that means grey or silver. This name is a popular nickname for boys with pale blond hair and men with silver or gray hair.
  • ArianaThe name Ariana is a girl's name that means both someone who is holy or a shade that is similar to silver. Ariana became more popular among fans of singer Ariana Grande.
  • Ariawen A fun name for girls that means grey or silver is Ariawen. This name comes from an old Welsh term that means an item that looked like silver.
  • AshleyAshley is a unisex name that refers to a popular shade of grey. Ashleigh is one of the unique ways to spell this name.
  • Blanford The name Blanford is an old boy's name that means grey. It comes from an English word that originally referred to a man with grey hair.
  • Ferrand Parents looking for a boy's name that means silver might like this one. Ferrand started as a nickname for a man who had silver hair.
  • Fidda In Arabic, Fidda refers to the silver shade of grey. In addition to spelling it as Fiddah, some parents add an “H” or spell their daughters' name as Fida.
  • GinaThough Gina sounds like a modern name, it has roots in different cultures where it usually means silver or grey. Ina and Geenie are similar names that can mean the same thing.
  • Glaucus Glaucus is a Greek name for boys that stands for the blue and grey colors of the ocean. Many parents choose this name because it also stands for the ocean's strength and power.
  • GrayIt's hard to go wrong with the name Gray, which refers to the color. Parents can spell the name in different ways such as Grey and Graye to help their little boys stand out.
  • Grayton The name Grayton is a unique boy's name that means grey. It comes from an Old English name that once described a man who came from a gry town.
  • Gris Many parents think that Gris is a powerful name that also means grey. This name is popular in Germany as it's a term for men with grey hair.
  • GriseldaGriselda can mean a warrior with silver hair or a woman with gray hair who is strong. Though the name has German roots, it's also the name of a Disney character who appeared in Cinderella.
  • Hartun Parents looking for a unique boy's name that means grey might enjoy Hartun. Hartun is an old English name that stands for a man from a grey estate.
  • Joo-eun A highly unique name that some might like, this one means a girl who is as beautiful as a silver pearl. Joo-eun is a classic Korean name.
  • Kailasa Kailasa comes from an Indian term that describes an item found on a silver mountain. Kallie is a fun nickname for this girl's name.
  • Keslie Keslie is a unisex name that means someone from a grey fortress. It is an American twist on the name Leslie, which is suitable for girls and boys.
  • Leslie Parents can also choose Leslie, which means grey fortress in Ireland. Though once used for boys, Leslie is now a unisex name also spelled as Lesley.
  • Masichuvio There aren't many Native American words that men grey other than this one. Masichuvio comes from a term they used to describe a deer with a grey hide.
  • Rajat The name Rajat refers to a specific shade of grey in the silver family. In India, parents choose this name to show that their sons mean more to them than silver does.
  • Silverton Another fun and unique boy's name that means grey or silver is Silverton. In the olden days in England, locals used this term to refer to a male visitor from a silver town.
  • Silver This unisex name can stand for grey or refer to the material of the same name. Many know Silver as the name of a character from Beverly Hills, 90210 who later appeared on the 90210 reboot.
  • Simin The name Simin began as a way to describe an older but beautiful woman with silver hair. This name is not as popular as it once was and comes from Iran.
  • Tarachand An unusual name that refers to shooting silver stars is Tarachand. This Indian name for girls works well with the nickname Tara.
  • ZeldaZelda is a girl's name that is an alternative to Griselda and means a strong maiden with grey hair. Video game fans also use it in honor of The Legend of Zelda.

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