While there are plenty of boy names that mean color, for those who wish to give their child a color-based name that's perhaps more subdued, check out this list of boy names that mean grey. From Cadet to Chandi and beyond, each his impactful and one-of-a-kind. Take a look!

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  • Arian Arian has Welsh roots where it meant silver. This name also has Latin origins where the name referred to a trustworthy person or a strong warrior.
  • AshThough Ash can mean different things, it usually stands for the ash shade of grey. This name is popular among fans of the Evil Dead franchise.
  • Bater Bater comes from an Indian word that represents a grey quail. Also spelled Bader, it can show that he is loyal and responsible.
  • Cadet Parents who want an unusual name that means grey might go with Cadet. Cadet is a shade of grey that has elements of blue.
  • Caeso The name Caseo comes from a Roman word that stood for blue-gry colors. Parents can also spell this boy's name as Kaseo to emphasize the first letter.
  • Chandi Chandi comes from a Hindi word that means both silver and silvery. An alternative way to spell this name is Chaandee.
  • Charcoal A unique name that means grey is Charcoal. This name can also represent the charcoal that families use when cooking outside.
  • Dhaumya This unique name stands for a smoky shade of grey. Dhaumya is a traditional Indian name.
  • Dhumrasva While slightly similar to the last name, this one refers to a grey horse. It also has Indian roots.
  • FloydFloyd is an American alternative to the Welsh name Llwyd which meant a man or boy with grey hair. This name became popular among parents who wanted to honor George Floyd.
  • Grane Though Grane sounds like an unusual name, it means a grey color. Sigfried choose this popular Irish name for his horse with legendary speed.
  • GraysonAn alternative to Grayton, Grayson is an English name that means the son of a father with grey hair. A popular soap actor has the same name.
  • Greyley Greyley comes from an English term for a grey meadow. Some of the other ways to spell it include Graylie and Graely to help boys stand out from their peers.
  • Griswold In German, Griswold means a grey forest or anything that comes from that forest. Fans of the National Lampoon Vacation films often choose it in honor of Clark Griswold.
  • Horton The name Horton means a male from a grey town. It's also the name of a fun children's book called Horton Hears a Who from Dr. Seuss.
  • Jet While some think of jet as a shade of black, it's a deep shade of grey. Jet is a fun boy's name that might remind some of West Side Story.
  • LloydLloyd is a Welsh name that can mean a man with grey hair or a scared man. The architect Frank Lloyd Wright is just one of the famous men with this name.
  • Maxus Maxus comes from an Old English term that means a grey castle or meadow. Max is a popular nickname for this name, which parents can also spell as Maxston.
  • Mingan Parents can choose Mingan, which means a person who looks like a grey wolf. This Native American name usually refers to the speed and strength of the animal.
  • Orden The name Orden means a boy from a shore settlement or grey farm. Other ways to spell this name include Orton and Ordan.
  • Pourushspa Pourushspa is a unique name that means someone who has grey horses. This name can also mean freedom in Parsi.
  • Silverman Silverman started as a last name that described a man who worked with silver. It is now a popular boy's name and alternative to Silver.
  • Slate Slate is a type of building material and natural stone, but it also works as a boy's name. This shade of grey is often quite dark.
  • Spinzar A unique option that some parents like is Spinzar, which means silver. In Arabic, this name can also mean white gold.
  • Taklishim Native Americans used this name to describe a man with grey hair. Takie is a fun nickname for the full name.

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