From more common names like Nadia and Nadine to more exotic options like Umnia and Elpis, this list of girl names that mean hope is diverse and impressive. Peruse the list and explore the various origins and meanings before you decide on the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Esperanza Esperanza is a name of Spanish origin. It means “hope, expectation”. The name was derived from a late Roman name Sperantia.
  • NadiaNadia has French, Ukrainian, and Slavic origins. In many languages, it means “hope”. The name also has many alternative spellings.
  • NadineNadine is a name with a French origin. The name is a variant of the name Nadia. It means “showerer of blessings, hope”.
  • Asha Asha is a name of Indian origin. The name in Hindu Mythology comes from the wife of a demigod. It means “hope, alive, life, desire”.
  • Speranza Speranza is of Italian origin. The name became popular after the 19th-century poet Jane Wilde used it as her nom de plume. It means “hope”.
  • Taraja Taraja has Indian and African (Kiswahili) origins. The name in Indian means “made of silver”. In African, it means “hope”.
  • Tikvah Tikvah is of Hebrew origin. The name is biblical and is used as a masculine name in the Book of Joshua. However, it’s now used as a primarily female name. It means “hope”.
  • Nadezhda Nadezhda is of Russian origin. The name has been given to daughters by their parents that consider their daughter as their hope. It has various forms that all share the same meaning of “hope”.
  • Elpis Elpis is of Ancient Greek origin. The name is known in mythology. In mythology, Elpis was the representation of hope. She was the only spirit remaining in the jar after Pandora released the evil spirits.
  • Elpida Elpida is of Ancient Greek origin. The name is a variant of Elpis. It shares the same meaning and representation.
  • Shpresa Shpresa is of Albanian origin. The name hasn’t lost its popularity over the years and is still used in Albania today. It means “hope”.
  • Umnia Umnia is of Arabic origin. The name is popular in the Muslim religion. It means “wish, desire, hope, longing”.
  • Saki Saki is of Japanese origin. The name comes from two words “sa” and “ki”. When combined, the name means “a blossom of hope”.
  • Nassandra Nassandra is of African origin. The name means “native spirit with high hopes in life”. It’s pronounced like “nah-san-drah”.
  • Jobandeep Jobandeep is of Indian origin. The name is popular in the Sikh, Punjabi, and Bengali regions. It means “young ray of hope”.
  • Shitu Shitu comes from Indian origins. It’s a rarely used name of the Marathi, Hindu, Telugu, Gujarati, Sikh, and Punjabi regions where it originated.
  • Emela Emela comes from Bosnian origin. Christian parents often report giving this name to their daughters. It means “hope”.
  • Nadelle Nadelle id of French origin. It means “something that arises a hope within”. The name is typically given to those whose parents practice Judaism.
  • Hachilah Hachilah is of Hebrew origin. The name is biblical and is a hill in southern Judah on the edge of Ziph. It was the hiding place for David from Saul. It means “my hope is her”.
  • Liora Liora comes from Hebrew origins. The name doesn’t directly mean “hope”. However, it means “God’s gift of light to me”. This can represent the hope that God displays through the life of a parent’s child.
  • Laelynn Laelynn is of Native American origin. The name is very popular in Canada. It means “flower of hope”.
  • Amnati Amnati is of Arabic origin. It’s a variant of the name Omniati. It means “my wish, my hope”.
  • Omeedeh Omeedeh has Arabic, Indian, and Persian origins. The name is a feminine version of the masculine names Omid and Umit. It shares the same meaning of “hope, hopeful”.
  • Zita Zita has Greek, Italian, Hungarian, Basque, and Spanish origins. The meaning of the name changes based on the origin. In Greek, it means “hunter”. In Basque, it means “saint”. In Spanish, the name means “hope”.
  • Hiwa Hiwa has Arabic and Maori origins. The name is pronounced like “hee-wa”. It means “hope”.

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