When looking for the perfect name for your child, you may be considering names with particular meanings that you hold dear. Here, a list of baby names that mean hope offers a colorful selection from which to choose. From Imeda to Amal to Nyssa and beyond, explore this list of names for both boys and girls.

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  • Deene Deene is a name with French origin. The name is gender-neutral but is given more to boys than girls. It means “hope”.
  • AmalAmal has Hebrew and Arabic origins. The name is gender-neutral and a variant of the Arabic name Amala. It means “hope”.
  • Day Day is of Middle English origin. The name is primarily unisex. It originated as a surname and meant “Family of David”. However, now it represents “light and hope, a new day”.
  • HopeHope has Middle English and English origins. The name was derived from the word hope. The name was used as a virtue name by the Puritans. It’s primarily unisex.
  • Wilona Wilona comes from Old English origin. It’s a name for a baby girl. It’s said to derive from the names Will and Leona. It means “longed-for, hoped for”.
  • Amala Amala has Arabic and Indian origins. The name is primarily for girls. It has different meanings based on its origin. In Arabic, it means “hope”. In India, it means “clean, pure”.
  • Charise Charise has French origins. The name is given to baby girls and was once a popular Christian name. It means “grace, charming, hopeful”.
  • Nozomi Nozomi is of Japanese origin. The name combines the two words ‘nozo’ (hope) and ‘mi’ (beautiful, fruit). It’s given to baby girls and when combined means “wish, desire, hope, beautiful hope”.
  • Imeda Imeda has Spanish and German origins. The name is feminine and derives from the German name Irmhild. It was also the name of a 14th-century saint. It means “powerful fighter, universal battle, hope”.
  • Tesfaye Tesfaye is of Ethiopian origin. It’s primarily a male’s name. It’s a variant of the word “tesfa”, meaning “hope”. In Amharic, it means “my hope”.
  • Kōki Kōki is of Japanese origin. The name is given to baby boys. The meaning changes based on the kanji used. However, it primarily means “hope, good luck, happiness”.
  • Vilmantas Vilmantas comes from Lithuanian origin. The name derives from the elements “vil” and “mantus”. When combined the name means “hope, intelligence”. It’s a male-given name.
  • Gobaith Gobaith comes from Welsh origin. It isn’t exactly a name but the word for “hope”. It can be used as a name for either gender.
  • Nadja Nadja is of Russian origin. The name is a shortened form of the name Nadezhda. It’s a female given name that shares the meaning of the long version of the name, “hope”.
  • AshiaAshia has African and Indian origins. The name is given to girls. It means “life, hope”. It’s a variant form of the name Asha.
  • Nadezda Nadezda has Slavic, Russian, and French origins. The name is a variant of the name Nadezhda. This girl’s name is very popular in countries like Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Croatia.
  • AnastasiaAnastasia has Greek and Russian origins. The name is the feminine version of the Greek name Anastasius. It doesn’t mean “hope” directly. It means “resurrection”, which can represent hope for a new life or new start.
  • Hiwot Hiwot is of Ethiopian origin. The name is masculine. It doesn’t mean “hope” but does mean “life”, which represents hope.
  • Nyssa Nyssa has Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic origins. It’s a name given to girls. It means “beginning”. While it doesn’t directly mean “hope”, it does represent that life can start anew.
  • Wahuj Wahuj is of Arabic origin. The name is feminine and means “first light of a new day, new beginning”. This name represents that hope can be found each day.
  • Inizio Inizio is of Italian origin. The name is given to males. It means “start, beginning”. The name can inspire hope that there’s always a start or a beginning.
  • Eijaz Eijaz is of Arabic origin. The name is masculine. It means “miracle”. It doesn’t mean hope, but it represents how miracles can inspire hope.
  • Milagro Milagro is a name of Spanish origin. The name is given to baby girls. It refers to the Virgin Mary and means “miracle”. It may not directly mean “hope”, but it does represent it. The Virgin Mary has inspired love and hope in the hearts of those who are religious.
  • Karishma Karishma has Greek and Indian origins. The name doesn’t mean “hope” directly. However, it does mean “gift, miracle”. Both meanings are tied to hope because they inspire it and keep it alive.
  • Nasya Nasya is of Hebrew origin. The name is feminine and means “miracle of God”. It relates to hope because believing in miracles means believing in hope against all odds.
  • Mireya Mireya has Spanish and Latin origins. The name means “admired, miracle”. It’s a feminine given name. Mireya represents the hope that anything is possible.

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