If you're looking for a meaningful and sentimental name for your son, explore this list of boy names that mean hope. Explore the different options, which range in origin from Greek to Arabic to Swahili and beyond!

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  • Toivo Toivo has Finnish origin. The name means “dream, wish, hope”. It was popular in the early 20th century but has since fallen off.
  • Amil Amil is of Arabic origin. The name is associated with the German name Emil because of the pronunciation. It means “one who hopes, hopeful, invaluable”.
  • Kazuki Kazuki is of Japanese origin. The meaning changes based on the kanji used. However, it derives from two words “kazou” and “ki”. Combined, this name means “hope of peace”.
  • Von Von has German and Old Norse origins. The name has different meanings based on the origin. Von in German means “son of” but in Old Norse, it means “hope”.
  • Makas Makas has Hebrew origins. The name is Biblical and means “growing hope”.
  • Raza Raza has Indian and Arabic origins. The name also has different meanings based on its origin. It means “contentment, satisfaction” in Arabic. In Hindu, it means “hope”.
  • Kibou Kibou is of Japanese origin. It means “hope”. It’s pronounced like “kee-boo”.
  • Chislon Chislon is of Hebrew origin. It’s Biblical and he was the father of Elidad of Benjamin. It means “hope, trust”.
  • Amanaki Amanaki is of Polynesian origin. The name is pronounced like “ah-mah-nah-kee”. It means “hope”.
  • Barloc Barloc is of American origin. The name is manmade. It means “strong warrior filled with love and hope”.
  • Daijon Daijon is of American origin. It’s manmade and means “God’s gift of hope”. It’s pronounced like “day-jon”.
  • Jahleel Jahleel has Swahili, Arabic, and Hebrew origins. It’s a biblical name. It has different meanings based on its origin. In Hebrew, it means “hope in God”.
  • Tumaini Tumaini has Swahili and Egyptian origins. The name means “hope” in both origins. However, depending on the origin will depend on what gender you assign the name to.
  • Elpidius Elpidius has Ancient Greek origins. The name was derived from the Greek name Elpidios, meaning “hope”. It was also the name of various saints and bishops.
  • Omid Omid has Iranian and Persian origins. The name is a very popular Persian and Turkish name. It means “hope”.
  • Espoir Espoir is of French origin. This is a name that actually is a word. It’s the French word for “hope” but can be used as a first name.
  • Niriksh Niriksh has Arabic and Indian origins. The name is very popular among those in the Hindu religion. It means “observer, hope, remarkable”.
  • ArmanArman has German, Turkish, Persian, and Armenian origins. The meaning changes based on the origin. In all the origins, the name’s meaning does have positive attributes. In Persian, it means “hope”.
  • Yuuki Yuuki is of Japanese origin. The name changes its meaning based on the kanji used. It’s a name you must take caution regarding the kanji because it can mean “ghost or spirit”. Generally, it means “hope, courage, bravery”.
  • Raja – Raja Al-Karim has Arabic origins. The name is a popular choice in the Islam religion. The name means “hope of the kind”.
  • Kouki Kouki is of Japanese origin. The name typically means “light, sunshine, hope”. However, it has 416 variations with different meanings dependent on the kanji.
  • Mahaz Mahaz has Hebrew and Arabic origins. It’s a biblical name that means “an end, ending, growing hope”.
  • Umit Umit has Turkish and Persian origins. The name is a variant of the Persian Omid. The name shares the same meaning as Omid, meaning “hope”.
  • Umed Umed is of Indian origin. The name is popular in Hindi. It means “desire, goal, hope”.
  • Thembalwethu Thembalwethu is a name of African origin. It’s popular in South Africa but not well known elsewhere. It means “our hope”. It’s pronounced like “thahm-bael-weh-yuw”.

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