From Thor to Godric and beyond, this list of boy names that mean power is filled with intriguing and robust names. Peruse the list and find the perfect fit for your son.

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  • Daivat Daivat is of Indian origin. In Hindi, the name means “strength, powerful”. It’s a popular name in the Hindi community.
  • Reynard Reynard has French, English, and German origins. It means “powerful advice, powerful counsel”. In French, it’s the nickname for a fox.
  • Jabbar Jabbar has Arabic origins. In the Muslim religion, it’s one of the 99 names of Allah. It means “powerful, mighty”.
  • Trumble Trumble has English and Scottish origins. The name means “bold, powerful, strong”. It was once an English surname that came about from saving King Robert the Bruce.
  • Amell Amell is of German origin. The name means “power of an eagle”. Amell is meant to represent the majestic nature of the animal.
  • Kano Kano has Japanese and African origins. In Africa, the name means “god of the waters”. In Japanese, the name means “one’s masculine power, capability”. It could also mean “harvested field” depending on the kanji.
  • Edric Edric is of Old English origin. It means “rich, powerful”. Once the Norman Conquest ended, the name was no longer used.
  • Ayele Ayele has African and Ethiopian origins. In Ethiopia, the name was an Amharic expression that means “grow better and stronger”. In East Africa, the name means “powerful, strong”.
  • Riker Riker is of German origin. It was once a popular surname that means “rich, powerful”. It’s not common as a first name but its variant, Ryker, does see more usage.
  • Aziz Aziz has Arabic, Turkish, and Persian origins. The name derives from the word azza. Azza means “to be powerful, to be cherished”. The name Aziz means “powerful, the All-Powerful”. In Islam, the name is one of Allah’s 99 names.
  • Godric Godric has Old English origins. The name means “power of God”. It’s a unique name that wasn’t used since the Norman Conquest. However, it has risen in popularity due to the Harry Potter book series.
  • Raghnall Raghnall has Gaelic, Irish, German, and Old Norse origins. It means “wise, powerful, powerful advisor”. It’s thought to come from the Old Norse name Rögnvaldr.
  • Archard Archard has German, French, and Old English origins. It varies in its meaning based on its origins. It means “scared” in Old English, “powerful” in French, and “strong, holy” in German.
  • Decebal Decebal is of Romanian origin. Decebal was the name of the King of Dacia. He was conquered by Traianus, the leader of the Roman military. It means “brave, powerful”.
  • Ulric Ulric has German and Old English origins. It has a few variants like Ulrich and Wulfric. It was more commonly used as a variant for Ulrich. It means “power of the wolf, power of the home, wolf ruler”.
  • Harry Harry has German and English origins. The is thought to derive from the German name Hariric, which means “powerful army”. It’s considered to be a medieval form of Henry, which means “home-ruler, power of the home”. It’s also the name of a prince.
  • Oswald Oswald has Scottish, English, and German origins. It means “God’s power”. It was also the name of a saint. Saint Oswald was the king of Northumbria who introduced Christianity to northern England.
  • Onan Onan is of Hebrew origin. The name means “strength, power”. In the bible, Onan was in the Book of Genesis. Onan was the second son of Judah.
  • Ofu Ofu has African (Idoma) and Samoan origins. The name shares the same meaning in both origins. It means “power, strength”.
  • ThorThor is of Scandinavian origin. The name doesn’t directly mean “power”. In mythology, Thor is the God of thunder, war, strength, and storms. Thor symbolizes and represents power and immense strength.
  • Daugalias Daugalias is of Lithuanian origin. The name has a variant in English, Irish, and Gaelic called Douglas. However, they don’t share the same meaning. Daugalias means “much power”.Richard – Richard has English, German, and French origins. The name means “power, hardy, strong, brave”. Richard was a popular Norman name that was given to kings because of the name’s meaning.
  • K’awiil K’awiil is of Malaysian origin. In Mayan, it means “powerful”. K’awiil is the name of the Mayan God of lightning.
  • Kedar Kedar has Arabic and Hebrew origins. It means “dark one” in Hebrew and was the name of Ishmael’s son. However, in Arabic, it means “powerful”.
  • Alaric Alaric is of German origin. It means “noble ruler, all-powerful king, the king of them all”. Alaric was the name of the king of the Visigoths. He invaded Rome in the 4th-century A.D.

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