From Kaimana to Ricarda and beyond, this list of girl names that mean power is filled with strong and impactful options. Explore each name — complete with origin and meaning — and find a meaningful name for your daughter.

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  • BrigitteBrigitte has Irish and French origins. The name derives from the Irish version of the name Brighid. In mythology, Brighid was the name of the goddess of fire, wisdom, and the daughter of the god Dagda. Brigitte means “power, strength, vigor”.
  • AdiraAdira is of Hebrew origin. The name is the feminine variant of the name Adir. It means “strong, noble, power”.
  • Kendra Kendra has Old English and Welsh origins. The name was once considered as a feminine version of the name Kenneth. It has two meanings because of its origins. In Welsh, it means “chief hero”. In Old English, it means “royal power, bold power”.
  • Althea Althea has Greek and Old English origins. It’s a variant of the Greek name Althaea. In Greek mythology, Althaea was the mother of Meleager. She was seen as someone with healing powers. The name shares a similar meaning of “powerful healer, healing, with healing power”.
  • Ricarda Ricarda has Old German and Old English origins. The name is a feminine variant of the name Richard. It shares the same meaning of “powerful leader, brave, powerful, hardy”.
  • Edrei Edrei is of Hebrew origin. The name has a few meanings. It doesn’t have a direct meaning of “power”, but the name does symbolize it with its meaning of “a woman of strength”.
  • Brites Brites has Portuguese, Celtic, and Swedish origins. In Celtic, the name is a variant of Bridget. Despite the multiple origins, the name shares similar meanings of “strong, power”.
  • Valda Valda is of German origin. It’s a feminine variant of the name Waldemar. It shares the meaning of “power, rule”. The name wasn’t popular until the 20th-century.
  • Philomena Philomena is of Greek origin. The name combines the elements philos (lover, friend) and menos (mind, strength). When combined, the name means “powerful love”.
  • Bree Bree has Irish and American origins. The name is thought to be a variant of the Irish name Bighe. It uses the element brigh, which means power, strength, vigor. Bree has become Americanized in spelling.
  • Kaimana Kaimana is of Hawaiian origin. The name has two meanings. It’s derived from the English word for “diamond”. It’s also has a different meaning based on the elements. The elements kai (sea) with mana (power) makes the meaning of “powerful sea, power of the sea”.
  • Nimerah Nimerah is of Arabic origin. the name is popular in the Muslim religion. It means “tigress, power, beauty, modesty”.
  • Zaila Zaila has Hebrew, African, and Arabic origins. In Africa, the name means “beautiful”. In Hebrew and Arabic, it means “might, power”.
  • Aza Aza is of Arabic origin. The name is the feminine variant of the name Aziz. It shares a similar meaning of “powerful, comfort”.
  • Walburga Walburga is of German origin. The name combines the elements wald (power, leader) and burg (fortress). It makes the meaning of “leader of the fortress, power of the fortress”. It was also the 8th-century name of a Saint.
  • Irie Irie originates from the Caribbean. It’s a Jamaican Creole name with many meanings. It means “cool, powerful, peaceful, happy, positive”.
  • Qadr Qadr is of Arabic origin. It’s the feminine variant of the name Qadir. It means “fate, power”. It’s a popular Muslim girl name.
  • Shakti Shakti is of Indian origin. The name means “power” in Sanskrit. In Hinduism, Shakti is the female counterpart of a God. It also represents the cosmic energy and forces throughout the universe.
  • Ullrica Ullrica has Old German and English origins. The name is a variant spelling of the name Ulrica. It has the same meaning of “power of the wolf, wolf ruler”.
  • Ragnhild Ragnhild has Old Norse and Germanic origins. It’s a variant of the name Ragnild. It means “all-knowing power”. It was also the name of an 11th-century Swedish Saint.
  • Wangchuk Wangchuk originates from Tibet. It means “mighty, power, wealthy”. Wangchuk is a variation for the God Shiva.
  • Edrea Edrea has Hebrew, Teutonic, and English origins. The name means “powerful” in Hebrew, “wealthy” in Teutonic, and “prosperous” in English. Edrea is pronounced EH-d-r-ee-uh.
  • Velda Velda has German and English origins. The name uses an Americanized form of the German name Valda. It means “power, rule”.
  • Avyanna Avyanna is a manmade name of American origin. The name is feminine and means “strong, powerful, beautiful”.
  • Rögn Rögn has Germanic and Icelandic origins. It’s a variant of the name Reginn. It means “might, power”.

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