From Michiko to Alcina to Lenna, this list of girl names that mean strong-willed is filled with numerous unusual feminine monikers. Take a look at this impressive selection — complete with origins and meanings — and find the perfect name for your daughter!

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  • Ulima The name Ulima is fun and high-spirited. It means “wise.” The name made the Top 1000 baby names list in 2002 and remains a good name for sweet baby girls.
  • Michiko Meaning “beautiful wisdom or knowledge,” the name Michiko is fun, modern, and stylish. Girls named Michiko are full of life and positive in spirits. The name has a Japanese origin.
  • AudreyThe girl's name Audrey means “noble strength.” The name has English origins. It is a popular name associated with actress Audrey Hepburn and many others.
  • AdiraThis name means “strong, powerful, noble.” The name has a Hebrew origin. In 2020, 161 baby girls in the U.S. were named Adira.
  • Alcina The name Alcina means “strong-willed.” The beautiful name for girls rolls off the tongue. It is an operatic name.
  • Alcie The name Alcie means “strong-willed.” The name Greek origin and is closely associated with names such as Elsie and Elsa.
  • Arna The name Arna means “mountain of strength.” This uncommon baby name has Hebrew origin.
  • MackenziThis popular girl's name means “son of a wise ruler, born of fire.” The name was most popular during the late 1990s. Girls named Mackenzi possess traits such as honesty and integrity. They're also creative.
  • ImariThe name Imari is sweet and calming. It means “strong-willed” and has Swahili origins.
  • Walpurga This unusual name certainly stands out in a conversation. The name means “strong protection” and has German and Nordic folklore backgrounds.
  • Briana The name Briana means “high, exalted, noble.” It is the feminine version of the name Brian. Briana became a popular name for girls in the 1970s and remains popular even today.
  • Imala The name Imala is cute and attractive. It is a girl's name that means “strong-minded” and has Native American origin.
  • Meja This name is cute and modern. It means “power, force” and has Old Norse origins.
  • Lenna An easy name to spell and pronounce that is also unique and full of mystery, Lenna simply means “lion's strength.” The name has dipped in popularity over the year but is nonetheless a charming name choice for a newborn girl.
  • VedaThe name Veda means “knowledge or wisdom,” making it a good pick for parents who want a daughter who grows up to be strong-willed. Veda has a Sanskrit origin.
  • Etana This cute name for girls has a Swahili background. It means “determined.” Girls with this name are said to be fun-loving and nature-oriented.
  • AthenaThe goddess of wisdom, Athena is a strong and powerful name for a little girl. It is mainstream and edgy.
  • SophiaThe Greek name Sophia means “wisdom.” She who is named Sophia is elegant and charming. Many people think of the Golden Girls TV show character Sophia Petrillo when they think of this name.
  • Farzana The name Farzana means “wise, intelligent.” It is a beautiful name choice that parents can expect to invoke a lot of conversation. Farzana has a Persian origin.
  • Labiba This name has African origins. It means “wise, intelligent.” The name is perfect for the new little one in your life.
  • Ragnida Ragnida is a three-syllable name for girls that is nearly unheard of in the states, but used in countries like Norway and Denmark. It is certainly a unique name with the definition of “all-knowing power.”
  • Maajida The name Maajida means “powerful.” It is an Islamic name you do not hear often in the US.
  • Velda Velda is a girl's name semi-common in the US. It has German origins and means “powerful ruler.”
  • ErnestineThe name Ernestine is old-fashioned and mature. It means “determined, Ernestine, vigor” and has a German origin.
  • Kathika The unusual name Kathika means “bestower of courage.” It has Indian origin. This name stands out in a crowd of people.

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