Few things are as intriguing as a clever little girl. Set the stage for a lifetime precociousness by giving your daughter one of these girl names that mean clever. From Saffi to Pandita to Alberta and beyond, each of these options are one-of-a-kind. Take a look!

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  • Pandita This name means “divine wisdom, knowledge” and has Indian origin. The three-syllable name is uncommon in the states.
  • Belig The girl's name Belig is of Mongolian origin. It means “clever, wise.” This short, simple name is easy-to-spell and pronounce.
  • Zariza A three-syllable girl's name meaning “gold, brilliantly bright,” Zariza has Hebrew origin.
  • Imala This girl's name is sensual and soft, modern, and affectionate. The name means “strong-minded” and is of Native American origin.
  • Saffi Pronounced as Safiya, the name Saffi is of Greek origin. It means “intelligent.” It is an unusual and fun name any girl would be proud to bear.
  • Arisanna This beautiful name for girls is also unique and spellbinding. The name means “One who has deep roots of knowledge and tradition” and comes from Greek origin.
  • Michiko A name of Japanese origin, Michiko means “child of beautiful wisdom.” It is also the name of the Empress of Japan. Michiko is a sweet name for any girl.
  • PrudenceAn old-fashioned, strong name for girls, Prudence means “good judgment, expert, wise.” It is of Latin origin.
  • Alohi This beautiful name for girls is of Hawaiian origin. The name means “shining, brilliant,” the exact qualities your newborn will possess.
  • Ulima The girl's name Ulima made the trending baby names list for the first time in 2002. The name means “smart or wise.” It has three syllables and is of Arabic origin.
  • Farzana A Muslim name for girls meaning “intelligent,” Farzana is simple to pronounce and unique in the states.
  • Najiba Najiba is a name for girls meaning “excellent intelligence.” It is used in the Muslim religion.
  • Sonia The girl's name Sonia means “wisdom.” It's of Slavic origin. In 2020, 213 babies born in the U.S. were named Sonia.
  • Mindah Mindah is a sweet, simple name meaning “light of knowledge.” This name is of Indian origin.
  • Arinya This fancy name is fun to say and has a great meaning: “beautiful knowledgeable woman.” Give this name to a strong-willed newborn girl.
  • Tomoyo – This name means “intelligent” and has a Japanese origin.
  • Minerva: strong name for girls meaning “goddess of wisdom,” Minerva is of Italian origin.
  • SofiaA name meaning “wisdom,” Sofia is of Spanish origin. One of the most well-known and wise people named Sofia was the character on the TV show, The Golden Girls, played by actress Estelle Getty.
  • Alberta The feminine diminutive of the name Albert, Alberta means “noble and wise.” The name has English origins where it's still a fairly popular name for baby girls.
  • VedaThe name Veda has Indian origin. It means “eternal knowledge” and is a fun and unique name.
  • Dola This girl's name means “knowledge” and has a Sanskrit origin.
  • Beren Beren is a name for girls meaning “strong, clever, well-known.” It is of Turkish origin.
  • Sorcha This cute girl's name means “bright, radiant.” It has Irish origins. This sweet name is not often used in the U.S.
  • Aqila This three-syllable girl's name means “intelligent, wise.” It has Arabic origins and isn't a name you often hear in the U.S.
  • Zelmira This beautiful girl's name has Arabic and Italian origin. It means “brilliant one.” Girls with the name Zelmira are said to be inspiring, expressive, and outgoing.

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