Wisdom is a quality everyone should want for their child. Instill this notion from the start by selecting an option from this list of baby names that mean wise. Each name literally means “wise” or a slight variation, such as “intelligent” or “clever.” Peruse the list to find the perfect name for your newborn!

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  • Veta This name suits either gender. It means “intelligent and smart.” The name has Spanish origins.
  • CassidyThis gender-neutral name is used as a boy's name more often than a girl's name, but works for either gender. The name means “Clever and cunning” and has an Irish origin.
  • Thanh — The name means “brilliant.” The name originates from Vietnamese.
  • Wanaka A unique, beautiful name that suits a boy's or girl's name, Wanaka means “sacred knowledge.” The name originates from the South Island word “wananga.” It is also the name of a town in New Zealand.
  • Heller This is a German name meaning “bright and smart,” qualities a child with this name will likely possess. It works as a girl or boy name.
  • MackenzieAnother gender-neutral name used as a girl's name more often than as a boy's name, Mackenzie means “a child of a wise one.” The name has German origins.
  • RaeThis name means “a wise person.” Though most commonly used as a girl's name (with this spelling) it can also suffice as a boy's name.
  • Belig This name means “clever, wise.” It has a Mongolian origin. Though most often used as a name for boys, it can be used as a girl's name.
  • Sorcha Popularized by the movie “Willow,” which portrayed the main character named Sorcha, this name can be used for girls or boys. The simple meaning is “intelligent.” Sorcha has Irish origins.
  • ShannonShannon is a name that is used for boys and girls. The meaning is “old and wise.” The name has Irish origins.
  • Urtesi Although the name Urtesi means “a man of wisdom,” it's sometimes used as a name for girls. This name has
  • Cato A Latin name meaning “one who has wisdom and good judgment, the name Cato is gender-neutral so it's perfect for a boy or a girl.
  • Sage This name means “peaceful, calm, and wise. The name originates from France and gives your boy or girl a unique name.
  • Nzeru — This name originates from Chikciwa. It means “wisdom.”
  • PrudenceThis name means “sagacity and wisdom.” This rare name allows a boy or girl to enjoy a one-of-a-kind name most people have never before heard.
  • Wisdom Cut right to the point with the name Wisdom given to a boy or a girl. This name is unique and playful, yet clarifies the characteristics of the person behind the name.
  • Fiksu This name means ” calm and smart.” It's from Finish origin and can be given to a boy or a girl for a unique, fun name.
  • Senan A good name for a boy or a girl, the name Senan means “old and wise.” The name is very popular in Ireland but a unique name elsewhere in the world. It is an alternative name for Sean.
  • Phoebus Meaning “brilliant or smart,” the name Phoebus can be used as a name for a boy or a girl. The female derivative of this name is Phoebe for those seeking a softer, more feminine name.
  • AydinThis name means “enlightened and bright.” It hails from Altai language. Though originally a name for boys, it's now used as a name for both genders. The name has several spelling variations including Aden and Aiden.
  • QuinnThe name Quinn is gender-neutral though most commonly chosen as a name for boys. Quinn means “an intelligent man.”
  • Hye This name means “intelligent.” It has Korean origin and suits as a name for a boy or a girl.
  • Berit A name for a boy in England, it suits as a name for a boy or girl outside this country. It has become more popular in recent years and means “wise.”
  • Mendel This name means “wisdom and learning.” It is a Yiddish name that is unique and powerful.
  • Ethlind — Ethlind means “intelligent.” The name originates from Germany and is a unique name for boys or girls.

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