From Athena to Alvie to Sonia and beyond, each of these baby names that mean intelligent is unique and flattering. Explore these options — complete with meanings and origins — and find the perfect name for your new child.

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  • Aldo The name Aldo is an old one that means both intelligent and wise. Aldo has German roots where people still associate it with smart men.
  • Akira Akira means intelligent and bright in the Japanese language. It is a popular name in anime and works for both boys and girls.
  • AlvieAlvie was the name of a friend of the elves and also means intelligent. This name has German roots but is more popular in English-speaking areas than it is in Germany.
  • Alvis Though similar to the last name, Alvis means someone who is wise in all matters. Alvis is a masculine name that comes from Norse mythology where it was the name of a dwarf.
  • Anne – Anne is a classic girl's name that means smart or intelligent. Originally used in France, the name is also spelled as Ann without the “E” at the end and is often used as a child's middle name.
  • Athena – Fans of Greek mythology know that Athena means wise. Born to Zeus, she would later become the Goddess of Wisdom and appear in many stories.
  • Beowulf When used as a boy's name, Beowulf means someone who is smart and intelligent. Beowulf is one of the older English names and is the name of a poem that many people read in college.
  • Boman Boman is a name for boys that means intelligent and wise. This name has Persian roots and is more popular in India today than in other countries.
  • Cato Cato comes from a Latin term that means all-knowing and intelligent. Many people know it as the name of a character from The Hunger Games.
  • Cong-Min – This simple name means intelligent and smart. Cong-Min is an old Chinese name for boys that has ancient roots.
  • Conroy The name Conroy means a trusted advisor and can also mean a wise or intelligent advisor. Conroy is a classic boy's name from Ireland.
  • EthanEthan comes from a Hebrew term that translates to someone who is smarter than others. The furniture brand Ethan Allen chose its name in honor of the patriot of the same name.
  • Galena – Parents who want to show their girls are smart can choose Galena. In Spanish, Galena means intelligent and smart or wise.
  • Hakim Hakim is a boy's name that means intelligent and smart. It has Arabic origins and is popular among African Americans.
  • Huberta Though Huberta is a unique name, it shows that a girl has a bright mind. Huberta comes from an Old German term that also means intelligent and wise.
  • Kayla – Kayla comes from an Arabic word that means smart child. This name is popular in the United States due to the character on the soap opera Days of Our Lives.
  • MackenzieMackenzie started as a boy's name that translates to the son of an intelligent leader. This Irish name is now popular for boys and girls.
  • Mika Mika is a cute name that means intelligent. This boy's name has Scandanavian roots where it originally meant an intelligent raccoon.
  • MoniqueMeaning wise counsel, Monique is a girl's name that comes from France. Monique is also the name of several American celebrities and relates to the name Monica.
  • Najiba In Arabic, Najiba is a unique name for girls that means intelligent. It can also show that she is smarter than her peers.
  • QuinnQuinn is a unisex baby name that means intelligent advisor or counselor. A popular female character on the show Glee had this Irish name.
  • Rainier The name Rainier means wise counselor and originally referred to someone who led an army. Rainier is popular among people who live near the Rainier Mountains.
  • ReginaldWhen used as a boy's name, Reginald can meat intelligent or a smart advisor. Reggie is a popular nickname for Reginald.
  • Sonia The name Sonia means wisdom or intelligence. Sonia has Slavic roots but is popular in regions around the world.
  • Sorcha Sorcha is a unique and classy name that means intelligent. The name is popular among fans of the film Willow, which featured a character with this Irish name.

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