If you're expecting a baby boy, then you may be interested in these Chinese baby names for boys. The list below is filled with beautiful and meaningful options — including meanings. From Taio to Quon to Ming, these Chinese baby names for boys are all worthy of consideration. Take a look!

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  • Qing Qing means “blue, clarity”. While the name looks like it’d have a pronunciation with the letter Q, it actually has the “Ch” sound. It’s pronounced “Ch-ee-ng” or “Ching”.
  • Guang Guang was mainly used as a surname. Now, it’s more common as a first name. It means “light, glorious, bright”.
  • Quon Quon is a popular baby boy’s name. It means “bright”. Quon is pronounced like “Kwan, Kwaan”.
  • Qi Qi is a popular name among religious parents. It means “enlightenment”. Qi is pronounced like “Chi”. Religious parents might gravitate to this name because of what it represents.
  • Wang – Wang Yong is a traditional name for a baby boy. The name comes from the surname turned first name, Wang. It means “king, monarch”.
  • Zhang – Zhang Wei is a Buddhist name traditionally given by religious parents. The name combines the words zhang (extend) and wei (pomp, extraordinary).
  • Taio Taio is considered a spelling of the name Tao. However, they have different meanings. Taio means “great, extreme”. It’s pronounced like “Tee-eh-ee-ow”.
  • Syaoran Syaoran is a name from the Buddhist religion. It’s not very common. It means “he who is a little wolf”. It’s often considered a name that was mispronounced but became popular for its uniqueness.
  • Shuo Shuo means “great achievement, great wealth”. It’s pronounced like “Shoo-wow”.
  • Shing Shing is a spelling variant of the name Cheng. It means “victory”.
  • Peng Peng might not have the best meaning, “drum beats”. However, the name comes from royalty. Peng was the great-grandson of the emperor Zhuan Xu. Zhuan Xu became known as Peng and lived for over 800 years. His name represents longevity.
  • Ming Ming is a Mandarin name that means “bright, brilliance”. The name is very popular for baby boys because of the meaning. It even extends its popularity to Korea where the name Myeong, takes its inspiration from.
  • Mencius Mencius was a Chinese Confucian philosopher. He was the 4th generation of Confucius’ disciples and was described as the “Second Sage”. This version of his name comes from the Latinization of Mengzi, meaning “Master Ming”. He was a firm believer that humans were inherently good.
  • Long Long is Mandarin for “dragon”. The name is a common surname but has become a popular first name. Its meaning is from Chinese mythology.
  • Lok Lok is a popular Cantonese name. It means “joy”. It’s an alternative spelling for the word “joy”.
  • Kang Kang was made popular in the Zhou dynasty. It was the name of the 8th son of Wen Wang. Kang means “healthy, peaceful”.
  • Keung Keung means “universe, cosmos”. It’s pronounced like “Kee-yahngk” or “Kiy-ah-ng”. Kong – Kong is known as the second part of the city of Hong Kong. However, the name is a common surname and first name. It means “bright”.
  • Huizhong Huizhong is a Mandarin Chinese name. It means “wise loyalty”.
  • Fai – Fai means “growth or beginning”. It’s pronounced like “Faa-iy”.
  • Fu Fu is the character for “good fortune, blessing, luck”. The name isn’t that common as a name, but it does represent how a parent could feel about their child or if they want them to be lucky.
  • Genghis Genghis means “universal ruler”. Genghis was the name of a 12th-century warrior and founded the Mongol empire. He was a fearless and ruthless ruler.
  • Li – Li Jie is a name that combines both beauty and brains in the meaning of the name. It means “beauty, reason, logic, heroic”. The name is extremely popular among Chinese families.
  • Honghui Honghui means “great splendor”. The name is pronounced like “Huh-ah-nuh-guh-huh-uh-ah-ee”.
  • Dingxiang Dingxiang is a unique name for boys. It means “stability, fortune”. The name is pronounced like “Ding-sh-eh-ah-ng”.

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