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Baby Names That Mean Clever

baby names that mean clever

Baby Names That Mean Clever

If you envision a sharp and witty little one in your midst, check out this list of baby names that mean clever. From Heller to Hugo to Alvis and beyond, each of these names is unique and impactful. Take a look!

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  • Pallas Pallas Athena was also a goddess of wisdom and spirits according to Greek mythology. This unisex name will prepare her for a lifetime of leadership and respect. The name means “youth, wisdom” and has a Greek origin.
  • Heller Heller is a name that sparks conversation. It is a unisex name of German origin. The name means “bright, brilliant.”
  • Zosia This name for girls means “intelligent.” It is of Polish origin. Girls named Zosia are said to be graceful and intuitive and possess logical reasoning.
  • Kenzo This unisex name means “wise one.” It has a Japanese origin where its popularly used, though not so common in the U.S.
  • Cato The name Cato means “wise, knowledgeable.” This gender-neutral name of Greek origin is the name of Bruce Lee's fictional character in The Green Hornet TV series.
  • Rishi Meaning “An accomplished and enlightened person,” Rishi is a name used in Sanskrit. It is unique in the U.S. Select this name for a fun, simple two-syllable name for boys and girls.
  • Gyan – Meaning “wise, enlightenment,” the name Gyan has Sanskrit origin.
  • Nuha This Muslim name is primarily used for boys but sometimes girls as well. It means “intelligence.”
  • Buddha This name is most commonly used for boys. It means “wise or enlightened one” and has a Sanskrit origin.
  • ZofiaAn alternative to the girl's name Sofia, Zofia means “wisdom.” The unique name has Polish and Slavic origins.
  • Wisdom A gender-neutral name meaning “experience, knowledge, and good judgment,” Wisdom is of English origin. It is not every day you hear the name Wisdom.
  • HugoMeaning “Of bright mind and spirit,” the male name Hugo is of German origin. The name ranks #100 on the most popular baby name lists.
  • Rainer The boy's name Rainer means “wise army.” It is of German origin.
  • Aakil Meaning “smart and intelligent,” the name Aakil is a Hindu name commonly used outside of the U.S.
  • Alvis A diminutive of the name Elvis, Alvis means “elf's wise.” The name is of English origin.
  • Umnaya A three-syllable name for girls, Umnaya is a lovely name with feel-good vibes. It means “a person with smartness and slyness” and has Russian origin.
  • Akamai This cute name for girls means “clever” in Hawaiian.” This name choice is unique for any newborn girl. She will grow to be kind and considerate per the traits of this name.
  • Sophina A modern and unique name, Sohpina means “wisdom, ship.” It is of English origin.
  • Catura This word means “clever” in Bangla. The name also represents someone smart and charming.
  • Atama This Japanese name for boys means “smart.” It is unique and fresh, a good name for a 21st-century baby.
  • Sage A gender-neutral name meaning “wise” in French, many people also associate this herb with witchcraft.
  • Poto A short, straight to the point name for boys, Poto means “wise” in Samoan.
  • Bijak In Indonesian, Bijak means “wise.” It has two syllables and offers parents a unique boy's name.
  • Mudar This two-syllable name has origins from Sudan. It means “wise.”
  • Sarad Sarad means “smart” in Laos, where it's a name used fairly often. Not used so much in the states, it gives parents a cool name for their son.

Tips for Picking a Name for Your Baby

Having a hard time settling on a name for your baby? Look no further than these tips. By the time you're done reading through these tips, you should be well on your way to picking the right name for your baby.

If you can't settle between two names, let input from others be the tiebreaker. Some people cringe inside at the thought of getting opinions from others on a matter as personal as a baby's name. Input from others can, however, make your decision easier. If you and your partner are struggling to decide between two baby names, ask others what they think. Go with the name that the majority likes.

Aim to narrow your list down by a certain amount each week. If you want to make progress towards picking a name, then you need to be consistent with narrowing down your list. Aim to shave ten names off of your list each week, at least. By the time the baby's due date gets close, you should only have a handful of names left to choose from.

Go with your gut. Sometimes, our gut leads us to the right choice. If you keep coming back to the same name, or group of names, over and over again, then follow your heart. Go with the names that you keep returning to, since these are the names that clearly mean the most to you.

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