Wisdom can portrayed in a variety of different meanings … intelligent, smart, brilliant, WISE! Take a look at this list of boy names that mean wise and find a unique and inspiring option for your son.

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  • Elvis The name Elvis means “all-wise.” It's an alternative version of the name Alvis. Elvis Presley was the most famous person with the name which originates from Scandinavian origin.
  • Aakil This name means “intelligent.' It originates in India where it is fairly common, though popularity outside the country is sparse.
  • Ragnall This name has Gaelic and Scottish origins. It means “wise and powerful.”
  • Ogbon A name meaning “a person of wisdom,” Ogbon originates from Yoruba. It is an original name for a boy.
  • Zeki — This boy's name means “clever.” It has Turkish origins.
  • Naauao This great Hawaiian boy's name means “a wise man.” He'll surely grow to exceed the expectations of his namesake.
  • EthanThe name Ethan means ” strength and wisdom.” It is a great name choice for a boy and has Biblical references and Hebrew origin.
  • Alvis — An Old English name for boys, Alvis means “all-wise.”
  • Advish The name Advish is popular in India but not so common elsewhere in the world. The name means “intelligent” and serves wonderfully as a name for a boy.
  • RonaldPopularized during the 1930s and 1940s, the name Ronald means “wise one.” Former President of the United States Ronald Reagan is a notable person with the name Ronald.
  • Poto A Somian name meaning “wiseness.” Any boy with this name is original and unique.
  • Conroy An Irish origin name, Conroy means “wisdom or wise” in some languages but in other languages means hero.
  • RaymondThe name Raymond means “wise protector.” It is from Old German origins and has several alternate versions for boys and girls.
  • Aleem This name means “all-knowing one.” The name has a Hindu origin.
  • FabianThe name Fabian means “A man of wisdom.” The name was popularized by the Harry Potter movies.
  • HugoThis German boy's name means “smart mind.” He'll grow to become an intelligent, wise man in the future with this name.
  • Vitur Meaning “enlightened and wise,” the name Vitur has Icelandic origins. It is rarely used outside of the country, perfect for those seeking a unique name shared by a few others if anyone at all.
  • Arif This name means “kind, good, smart, wise, and knowledgeable.” It comes from Arabic origins and has several spelling variations, including Aref and Arief.
  • Hakim This name means “a wise man.” It hails from Arabic origins.
  • Boman Meaning “a smart mind,” the name Boman is unusual and unique, perfect for a boy. The name hails from Persian origins.
  • Pallas This name means “wisdom.” It has Greek origins. A great, unique name for a boy.
  • RayThe name Ray means “wise, protector.” It has German origins. The name was, at one time, very popular as both first and middle names.
  • Aadji This name originated from India. It means “born of mind.” Boys given this name are charming, wise beyond their years, and of sound and solid mind.
  • Wilbur This name originates from Old German. It means “brilliant, resolute.”

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