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Raymond is the perfect choice for a baby name that is both regal and relatable. Reminiscent of traditional royalty, Raymond has a robust sound that easily shortens into a nickname that shines. From the titular protagonistEverybody Loves Raymond to the main characters of Ghostbusters and The Manchurian Candidate, this name will keep your baby boy in strong company. Keep reading to learn more about this given name.

Meaning of the name Raymond:

German: Protective advisor, wise counsel, famous protector

Origin of the name Raymond:

Raymond derives from the Old Germanic name Raginmund. This name combined the German elements ragin (meaning “advice” or “counsel”) and mund (meaning “protector”). Alternatively, some etymologists believe that Raymond descends from the Germanic name Hraidmund. This name combined the elements hraid (meaning “fame”) and mund (meaning “protector”).

Symbolism of the name Raymond:

Raymond originated in antiquity as a Germanic name for men who provided protection through wise advice or counsel. The Norman French adopted this name and introduced it to the British Isles as the name Reimund, and it became the hereditary name of at least seven rulers of Toulouse. Originally vassals of Frankish kings, each Raymond became an independent ruler, and the symbol of this leadership was the heraldic Occitan cross. Other famous bearers of the name include Saint Raymond Nonnatus (patron saint of childbirth) and Saint Raymond of Penyafort (patron saint of canonical law).

Baby name Raymond

Style of the name Raymond:


Gender of the name Raymond:

Raymond is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Raymond:


Number of syllables in the name Raymond:


Emotion evoked from the name Raymond:

The name Raymond evokes feelings of wisdom and unwavering courage.

Alternative spellings for the name Raymond:

  • Raymonde
  • Raymund
  • Rajmund
  • Raimond
  • Reymond
  • Ramón

Nicknames for the name Raymond:

Popularity of the name Raymond:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Raymond was the 312th most popular baby name for boys in 2020.

Related names for the name Raymond:

Great middle names for Raymond and their meanings:

  • Aidric (blessed ruler)
  • Benjamin (son of my right hand
  • Dallas (valley, meadow, dale)
  • Ennis (island, first choice)
  • Gregory (watchful, alert)
  • Jules (youthful, downy)
  • Mark (warlike, warrior, devoted to Mars)
  • Omar (flourishing, long-lived)
  • Pierce (rock, stone)
  • Yves (yew tree)

Famous people with the name Raymond:

  • Raymond Antrobus (poet)
  • Raymond William Stacey Burr (actor)
  • Raymond Bernard Cattell (psychologist)
  • Raymond “Ray” Davies (musician)
  • Raymond Arthur Gillen (singer)
  • Raymond Walter Kelly (police commissioner)
  • Raymond Lee “Ray” Luzier (drummer)
  • Raymond Albert Romano (actor)
  • Raymond Joseph Teller (illusionist)
  • Raymond “Ray” Ortiz Toro (musician)

Raymond in popular culture:

  • Raymond Barone (titular protagonist of the television sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond)
  • Raymond Stantz (main character in Ghostbusters)
  • Raymond Shaw (main character in The Manchurian Candidate)
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