From Leandra to Matilda to Charlisa and beyond, this list of girl names that mean courage is filled with some feminine options you'll love. Peruse the list and find the perfect fit for your daughter.

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  • Kelsa A fun, modern name for girls that is also unique and feminine. The name has English origins and means “brave.”
  • Matilda — great name for girls, Matilda means “might, strength, and battle.” It has Germanic Mahtill origin.
  • Andressa A three-syllable name that is sweet and bold, Andressa means “a strong and courageous woman.” The name had Brazilian origins.
  • Ziana This unique name for girls is modern and playful. It has Christian origins and means “brave girl.”
  • RileeThe girl's name Rilee is very popular in the U.S. and a few other countries. It is sweet and soulful and means “a courageous and brave woman.”
  • Bernadette The name Bernadette is a strong-willed name for girls. It has German origin and means “brave as a bear.”
  • LeandraThis name for girls is strong yet sensual. It has Latin origin and means “the brave one with the strength of a lioness.”
  • Kuvira A simple name that is commonly used for girls in India, the name Kuvira means “courageous woman.”
  • Valencia A sweet-sounding name for girls meaning “brave, strong.” It's also the name of a city in Spain. The name has Spanish origins.
  • Imala A beautifully intriguing name with native American origins, Imala means “strong-minded.”
  • Anound Anound is a name meaning “strong, brave, courageous.” The name has Arabic origins where it's a fairly commonly used name for girls.
  • Etana — feminine form of the boy's name Ethan. Etana means “strength of purpose.” It has Hebrew origins.
  • Reilynn This feminine name for girls means “courageous woman,” which she'll grow to be soon. Reilynn has Celtic origins.
  • Charlisa The feminine name form of Charles, Charlisa means “a fearless woman.” This name is unique and has French origins.
  • KeenaA truly gorgeous name for girls, Keena means “courageous, brave.” This name originates from American origin.
  • Amishta This name is popular in the Hindu religion. The girl's name means “fearless, limitless.”
  • Luria A feminine, sweet and soft name for a girl, Luria means “a brave girl.” It is a unique name for girls with English origins.
  • MarcellaA great name for girls that means “strong, young warrior.” This name has Roman origins.
  • Valery — name has several alternate spellings, including Valerie. The girl's name is commonly used and means “strong and brave.” It is a French-originated name.
  • Drea A beautiful name for a girl sometimes used as a shortened version of Andrea. The name Drea means “A courageous human being.” The name has a Greek origin.
  • Kathika A strong name with feminine touches, the name Kathika has Indian origin and means “bestower of courage.”
  • Azmia A unique, modern name for a girl, Azmia means “strong, courageous, most determined.” This name has Arabic origins.
  • Binsa This uncommon name for girls has a powerful meaning of “A woman who is fearless.” The name has Nepali origins.
  • Moufida Moufida means “the one who is profitable or useful to others,” qualities a courageous person often has. This name has Urud origin and is a very unique name to give to a girl.
  • CaseyThis name means “brave or vigilant,” both terms to describe a person who is courageous. It is used as both a name for boys and girls but has more popularity as a name for girls. The name Casey has Gaelic origins.

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