Baby names that mean strong-willed run the gamut — from Saffi to Cassidy to Gavi and beyond. Take a look at this list featuring names for both boys and girls and find the perfect fit for your son or daughter.

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  • Saffi The name Saffi means “wisdom.” It is of Greek origin. This is a unisex name perfect for a boy or girl. With just two syllables, it is easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Chalvant The name Chalvant is most often used to name boys. It has Indian origins and means “a determined person.”
  • Amzi The cute name Amzi means “strong, mighty.” It is a Biblical name perfect for parents in Christian families. This is a unisex name.
  • Hartman- is a given name and a surname. It is most often associated with actor Phil Hartman. The name means “strong, hearty man.”
  • Narve Narve is a unisex name meaning “healthy, strong.” The name has a Dutch origin.
  • CassidyThe unisex name Cassidy means “the clever one.”It has Irish origins where it is derived from the surname O Caisade.
  • MillicentThe name Millicent is most often used as a girl's name but can work as a name for boys. It means “brave strength” and is of Old French origin.
  • Achia A cute, simple name of Sanskrit origin. The name means “one who is immovable or firm of decision.”
  • Rillie The name Rillie is a unisex name meaning “courageous one.” It has several spelling variations including Riley. The name has Irish and Gaelic origins.
  • Warrick The name Warrick means “strong leader who defends.” It is a name for boys of English origin. The name Warrick sounds strong and determined.
  • Ajita A cute name for girls, Ajita is unique and simple. The name means “unconquerable, a winner,” making it a great choice for parents who want t give their daughter a name inspired by being strong-willed. This name has Indian origin.
  • AaronAaron is a boy's and girl's name. It can be spelled in several other variations, most often Erin for a girl. This name means “strong, exalter one” and has Hebrew origins.
  • Pacome The name Pacome means “of strong nature.” The name is of French origin, most common as a name for boys. Pacome was the name of a saint in the country. This is an unusual name that you do not often hear, especially in the states.
  • Gavi A short name for girls, Gavi means “God is my strength.” This name has Hebrew origin and is a diminutive form of the name Gabrielle.
  • Boman The name Boman means “a great mind.” It has Persian origins where it is commonly given to boys, but not so much here in the states.
  • Senan Meaning “old and wise,” Senan is an old-fashioned name most often used to name boys. It was the name of the ancient founder of monasteries.
  • Anah A beautiful name for girls, Anah is often used in Muslim families. The name means “perseverance and patience.”
  • Oswald A name for boys meaning “power, ruler,” Oswald has Old English origins. Oswald was most popular during the early 1900s and while rarely used, is not uncommon in the 21st century.
  • Kuvira This name for girls means “courageous woman.” It has Indian origin. Kuvira is easy to spell and pronounce and a unique and fun name.
  • Nickan Meaning “the winner of war,” Nickan is a unique, fun name that stands out. It is a shortened version of the name Nicholas.
  • Azzum The name Azzum means “determined, resolved.” It is a popular name in Muslim families.
  • Viljo The name Viljo means “determined, guardian.” It has Finnish origins. This is a unique name for girls that you will not hear often in the US.
  • Charumathi This name has Indian origin. It means “beautiful mind.” Though difficult to spell and pronounce the name is cute enough to learn!
  • Vikrama This unusual boy's name means “stride, strong.” It is of Indian origin.
  • Khine A unisex name meaning “firm.” It is of Burmese origin.

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