Few natural phenomenons are as stunning as a beautiful sunset. Capture that natural beauty in your baby's name by giving them one of these baby names that mean sunset. Each option is unique and impactful — from Dymas to Xia and beyond. Take a look!

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  • Anniki Anniki is the name of a Finnish goddess. It is a cute alternative to the name Nikki, sure to give her uniqueness and originality. Girls who have the name Anniki are often cheerful and fun-spirited.
  • Dymas Meaning “splendid sunset,” the name Dymas is used in Portuguese and Spanish countries. This name has two syllables and is not often used in the United States.
  • Suvan This name is suitable for a girl or boy. Pick this name for a cute unisex name that isn't overly-used. Suvan is a name that means “sun” and has a Hindu origin.
  • Otieno This name has Luo origin and means “born at night.” This name can be used to name a boy or a girl. Pick this time for a playful and unusual name for boys.
  • Baskara This name has Indian origin and means “sun.” It is a unique name that is good to give to a boy or a girl. People named Baskara are said to be
  • Unnuk A name that suits either boys or girls, Unnuk means “evening.” The name has Intuit origin.
  • XiaA name for girls, Xia means “the glow of the sunset.” It has a Chinese origin.
  • Ajambo This is a name for girls that means “born at night.” The name has African origin.
  • Dismas Dismas means “the sun.” The name has Portuguese and Spanish origin.
  • Sharvari This name for girls means “night.” It has a Sanskrit origin. Parents enjoy a unique and fun name when they choose Sharvari.
  • Nishadi This name for girls has Hindu origin. It means “twilight.” Choose this name when you want a girls name that is rarely used and fun.
  • Yureni A cute name for girls, Yureni means “sunset.” It has an Indian origin and is most popular in Hindu countries.
  • Shashikaanta This name means “twilight.” It has Hindi origin and most often is used as a name for girls.
  • Deepakala The name Deepakala is unusual coming from Hindu origin. It is most often used as a name for girls.
  • Lycoris This name is rarely heard of in the United States. It means “twilight” and has a Greek origin. Girls receive this name more often than boys.
  • Sayanth The boy's name Sayanth means “sunset.” It has an Indian origin where it is popularly used. This name a works great for parents looking to give their boy a fun name.
  • Elidi This name is a unisex name. It is of Greek origin and means “gift of the sun.”
  • Fara A Muslim name for girls, Fara means “sunset.” This is a simple, cute name with two syllables.
  • Jawna The name Jawna means “the sunset view” and has an Arabic origin.
  • Vahalani This name for girls has Hawaiian origin. It means “sunset.” It is a super cute name and has four syllables.
  • Chausiku This name is of Swahili origin. It means “born at night.” It's a great name for a boy.
  • TwylaThe name Twyla is a girl's name. It means “twilight” and has American origin. In 2020, 29 girls were named Twyla.
  • Anatola The name Anatola is a girls name of Greek origin. It means “dawn of shining sunset.” Girls named Anatola to get a unique name that's so fun to say.
  • ElianaA beautiful name for girls meaning “A gift of the sun,” Eliana has four syllables. The name is commonly used in countries like Portugal and Spain.
  • EldoraThis name for girls means “a beautiful present from the sun.” It is of Greek origin.

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