Few things are more stunning than a magical setting sun. Capture that beauty in your daughter's name by giving her one of these girl names that mean sunset. From Helen to Malina and beyond, each name is delightful and feminine. Take a look!

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  • Dinant The name Dinant has Indian origin. It means “day and evening sunset.” Girls name Dinant are often charismatic and charming individuals.
  • Miyaki Parents searching for a unique girl's name can appreciate the name Miyako. This name has Japanese origin and means “beautiful night child.”
  • Solveig This Scandanavian name is popular in the country but unique elsewhere. This name means “daughter of the sun”.
  • Aferdita An Albanian name for girls meaning “born at dawn or sunset.”
  • Cyra Meaning fierce and wrathful sunset, the name Cyra has a Persian origin. The unique girl's name is unique in the states.
  • HelenThis old-fashioned name for girls isn't nearly as popular today as in the early 1900s but a name still used. Helen has a Greek origin. The name means “light, sun, moon, or sunset.”
  • Anatola This cute girl's name means “dawn of the rising sun.” This name has a Latin origin.
  • MalinaA name from Inuit mythology, Maline means “goddess of the sun or a shining sunset.” This cute name for girls has three syllables.
  • Sayani This name for girls is of Indian/Hindu origin. It means “evening.” A charming and cute name, Sayani is also unusual in the states.
  • Kalinda This name for girls means “rising sun or dawn.” The name has a Hindu origin but is popular in both the US and the UK.
  • Dwabha This Indian name means “twilight.” It's most often used in the Hindu religion and works as a unique name in the states.
  • Solana This girl's name means “sun.” It's a joyful name of Spanish origin.
  • Alba An name found in Spanish and Italian countries, Alba means “twilight or an evening sunset.”
  • Santoya This cute name for girls means “Sunset time.” It is also the name of a Hindu god, where this name originates.
  • Helia This name is of Greek origin and means “shining sunset.”
  • MalinaThis cute name for girls means “shining sunset.” It has Inuit mythology origin.
  • Marisol This name for girls means “a gloomy sunset.” It has Spanish origin. The name is extremely popular in Portugal.
  • Aeliana This beautiful four-syllable name for girls has a Latin origin and means “sun.” Girls named Aeliana are outspoken and charismatic.
  • Sifria This girl's name has Spanish origin and means “gloomy sunset.” It is a good choice for parents looking for a unique, modern name that rolls off the tongue.
  • Cymbeline The name Cymbeline for girls means “a shining burning sunset.” It has a Greek origin. Girls named Cymbeline are said to be outgoing, friendly, and respectable people.
  • Yvaine This name for girls means “evening star.” It has Scottish origin.
  • LeilaThe name Leila means “night beauty.” It is a beautiful Arabic name that's perfect for a dark-haired little girl.
  • Vespera The feminine name alternative to the name Vesper, the name Vespara means “evening star.” It has a Latin origin.
  • Saymna Parents searching for a cute name that means “evening” will love the appeal Sayama has. The name is of Indian origin, used most often in the Hindu religion.
  • Ushasi Ushashi is a name that is fun to say. It means “end of day” and has Hindu origin.

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