When you envision a happy little girl, you likely picture a delightful child with a sunny disposition. Give your daughter a name that matches that bright outlook by giving her one of these girl names that mean sunshine. From Dawn to Lucy and a wide variety in between, each of these baby names are playful and fun. Take a look!

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  • Aelia Aelia is an Ancient Roman girl's name with a solar bearing. This name simply means “sunshine.”
  • Áine Áine is an illuminating Irish name for girls. In addition to meaning “sunshine,” this name was borne by an Irish seasonal goddess said to influence the sun.
  • Alba Alba is a light Latin girl's name. It means “rising sunshine.”
  • Álfsól Álfsól is an illuminating Icelandic girl's name. It means “elven sunshine.”
  • Alina – Alina is a glisteningly Greek name for a girl. This specific name means “light” like that inherent to sunshine.
  • Aurora – Aurora is a brilliant Roman name for a girl. This name is mentioned on this list because it is the name of the Ancient Roman goddess of the sunrise.
  • Cyra Cyra is a Persian girl's name dealing with the sun's light. This one name can mean “sunshine” or “throne”
  • DawnDawn is a shining example of a girl's name from Old English. This specific name is the word used for the moment that the sun begins to shine or to signal the start of something.
  • EasterEaster is a Christian girl's name associated with the solar. Specifically, this name means “where the sunshine rises.”
  • Elanor Elanor is a Sindarin girl's name with ties to the sun. This name means “star sunshine.”
  • EldoraEldora is a gleaming Greek girl's name. This name's particular meaning would be “gift from the sunshine.”
  • EllenEllen is a glorious Greek name for a girl. The exact meaning of this name would either be “sunlight's rays” or “the light of sunshine.”
  • Glawar Glawar is a scintillating Sindarin name for a girl. Its specific meaning can be used to refer to golden flowers or the golden glow of sunshine.
  • HelenHelen is a Greek girl's name dealing with solar radiance. This particular name can mean “sun's rays” or “sunshine”
  • Helaine Helaine is an illuminating girl's name from the Old English language. This specific name means “sunshine's light”
  • Kalinda Kalinda is a heliocentric girl's name from the Hindi language. The unique meaning of this name would be “sunshine.”
  • Keren Keren is a Hebraic girl's name dealing with celestial brilliance. This particular name's meaning would be “ray of sunshine.”
  • LianeLiane is a girl's name from the English language and one concerned with the sun. This specific name means “daughter of sunshine.”
  • LucyLucy is an Italian girl's name connected to solar emissions. This specific name means “sunshine's light.”
  • MalinaMalina is an iridescent girl's name of Inuit origins. This particular name gets a mention on this list because it is the name of an Inuit goddess of the sun.
  • Oriana – Oriana is a lustrously Latin name for a girl. This unique name's meaning is that of “sunrise,” the beginning of the time when people can enjoy sunshine.
  • PhoebePhoebe is a Greek name for a girl that is quite a celestial choice. This specific name's meaning can equate to “sunshine,” “brilliant” or “radiant.” Phoebe was also the cupbearer of Zeus, the king of the gods of the Greek pantheon and another being whose name can also mean similar things.
  • Siria – Siria is a Spanish and Persian language name for a girl that has ties to the sun. This particular name, regardless of which language you tend to favor, can translate as “glowing” or “bright sunshine.”
  • Solana – Solana is a spectacular Spanish name for a girl. Its exact meaning is pretty explicit, “sunshine.”
  • Soleil Soleil is a photonic girl's name from French. This name means “sunshine.”

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