Every parent believes their baby is out of this world, so why not make that notion last a lifetime? Explore this list of baby names that mean galaxy and you'll find options for both boys and girls. From Atlas to Neptune and beyond, each of these is intriguing and memorable. Take a look!

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  • Aten Aten is a galactic Egyptian name for a boy. Aten was one of the many solar deities in Egyptian mythology, meaning he had influence over the sun.
  • Arche Arche is a Greek boy's name of celestial significance. While the name itself is derived from a Greek word synonymous with a beginning or origin point, Arche is also the name of one of the moons of the planet Jupiter.
  • AtlasAtlas is a titanic Greek boy's name concerning the cosmos. In Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan who was punished for his actions by Zeus and tasked with upholding the sky and stars.
  • ErisEris is a galactic name from Greek that can suit boys and girls. While Eris was a minor deity associated with discord and known for her golden apple that caused fighting between the gods, her name was also used for a dwarf planet within the Kuiper Belt.
  • Galaxia Galaxia is an English girl's name with cosmic import. While this is simply a feminine tweak to “galaxy,” Galaxia was also the name of an incredibly powerful antagonist in “Sailor Moon.”
  • Galaxy Galaxy is a cosmic Greek name suitable for a boy or girl. While this word is derived from a Greek word that refers to milk, the term developed its celestial bearing by being used to describe the Milky Way, the galaxy that Earth rests within.
  • Janus Janus is a cosmic boy's name hailing from Rome. While Janus was the two-faced god of openings and closings, his name was also chosen for one of Saturn's moons.
  • Kuiper Kuiper is a galactic boy's name of Dutch origin. While this name's direct meaning is the Dutch word for “cooper,” someone who tends to chickens, the name's galactic connection comes from the Kuiper Belt, an asteroid belt that separates the inner and outer planets of our solar system.
  • Neptune Neptune is a gender-neutral name with celestial significance and Roman origins. While the name comes from the Roman god of the seas, Neptune is also the final planet of the solar system.
  • NovaNova is a gender-neutral name from Latin with galactic merit. This name comes from a shorthand expression for a supernova, the point where a star explodes.
  • Oberon Oberon is boy's name derived from Old High German and one with galactic ties. While the name breaks down to mean “elf ruler,” Oberon is the name of a fairy king in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and of one of Uranus' moons.
  • OpheliaOphelia is a Greek girl's name tether to the cosmos. While the name literally means “help,” it is also one of Uranus' moons.
  • Pandora Pandora is a Greek girl's name involving stars. While it means “all gifted,” Pandora is the name of a girl responsible for giving mankind all of its hopes and fears for opening a box and also the name of a moon of Saturn.
  • PerseusPerseus is a Greek boy's name of the stars. While the name means “ravager” and belongs to a hero-king, his name was also chosen for a constellation.
  • PhoebePhoebe is a Greek girl's name with cosmic influence. While the name means “shining,” Phoebe was Zeus' cup-bearer in Greek mythology and her name was given to a moon of Saturn.
  • PhoenixPhoenix is a unisex name of Greek origins and celestial connections. While the name belongs to a flaming bird that symbolizes renewal, it is also the name of a constellation.
  • PortiaPortia is a Latin girl's name of galactic meaning. While it can mean “pig” or “doorway,” this name was also chosen for a moon of Uranus.
  • Roxana Roxana is a stellar Persian girl's name. This name can mean “dawn” or “little star.” Roxanne is a variant spelling as is the Greek name Roxane.
  • Star Star is a stellar English name for girls. Tautologically, this name means a celestial object. Starr is a common alternate spelling.
  • Thebe Thebe is a gender-neutral name connected to the stars and Greek language. This name was chosen from Greek mythology and is also one of Jupiter's moons.
  • TitanTitan is a Greek boy's name concerning the stars. While the Titans were divine beings who came before the Greek Olympians, this name also belongs to Saturn's largest moon.
  • Ursa Ursa is a Latin girl's name with celestial ties. While Ursa means “little bear,” it also belongs to two constellation names.
  • Venus Venus is a Roman girl's name of the stars. While Venus is the Roman goddess of love, her name also belongs to a planet.
  • Vega Vega is a gender-neutral Arabic name related to stars. While the name means “swooping eagle,” it is also a star's name within the Lyra constellation.
  • ZaniahZaniah is an Arabic girl's name with stellar bearing. While this name means “corner,” it is also one of the named stars within the Virgo constellation.

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