There is something mystical about these boy names that mean moon or stars. Each conjures the intrigue of silent night with dazzling stars above with everything lit up by the moon. Peruse these handsome baby names and find the perfect option for your little boy.

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  • ApolloYou might recognize this name from Greek mythology, but Apollo 11 was also the NASA mission that put man on the moon.
  • Jericho – Jericho is a Hebrew name that can be traced to both the words yareach (“moon”) and arach (“to travel, wander”). It's not unlike how the moon itself travels through the sky.
  • Altair Though technically meaning “bird,” “falcon,” or “flying eagle,” Altair is also the name of the brightest star in the constellation Aquilae.
  • Tarak Tarak is a name from old Sanskrit that can mean either “star” or “protector,” so it'll have layered symbolism for a son.
  • Ehann – Ehann is an Arabic name that means either “bright moon” or “full moon.” It's been climbing the ranks in the U.S. in recent years thanks to its beautiful spelling and meaning.
  • Cosmo A fun and unique boy's name, Cosmo could be great for a firstborn son who is the first to join your constellation.
  • Luan – This name is thought to derive from lua, the Portuguese word meaning “moon.” It's similar to Luna but with a masculine slant.
  • Elnath – Also spelled Alnath, this name comes from the Arabic word an-nath meaning “the bull's horns.” It's a constellation that could also double as a strong male name.
  • Oberon – Oberon is one of the biggest moons of Uranus. It's also a Shakespearean name from A Midsummer Night's Dream if you're the literary type.
  • Nash Though it has a down-home, country kind of feeling, Nash isn't related to the city of Nashville. Instead, it's a gigantic star in the Sagittarius constellation, making it perfect for baby boys born in November or December.
  • Bahloo Bahloo is a unique boy's name hailing from the aboriginal people of Australia. It means “moon man.”
  • Aibek Give your son a powerful name when you name him Aibek. Thanks to modern Turkish colloquialisms, it translates to “master of the moon.”
  • Kuu Kuu is a gender-neutral name in Finnish that means “moon.” However, parents show a slight preference for it as a boy's name.
  • Iah In ancient Egypt, Iah was a male deity associated with moons and lunar phases. He also had connections to death and rebirth if you're looking for a darkly glamorous baby name.
  • Hilal With so many names meaning “new moon” or “full moon,” how about one that's in the middle? Hilal is an Arabic word meaning “crescent moon.”
  • ElioElio is a name derived from Helios, the Greek god of the sun. It'll be a celestial name that isn't quite as obvious or out-of-this-world as others.
  • Badar Common in Arabic-speaking countries, Badar hasn't crossed over to the Western world yet, but it's a trend waiting to happen. It means “full moon.”
  • AtlasBest known for carrying the world on his shoulders, Atlas is also associated with math, astronomy, and philosophy. He could also be a good name source for travelers!
  • Sirius – It might be a baby name that inspires a few Harry Potter jokes, but Sirius is a real-life star, and it's one of the brightest in the sky.
  • Lux Simply meaning “light” in Latin, this could be a short and cute baby name for a boy. Think of it as a more celestial version of Max.
  • OrionOne of the most famous constellations in the sky, Orion is also the name of a hunter in Greek mythology as well as a number of NASA spacecrafts and sci-fi characters.
  • Anshul Meaning “sunbeam” or “ray of light from the sun,” Anshul has Hindi origins, but its beautiful symbolism is universal.
  • Artemis – Though traditionally a feminine name, Artemis is a male cat in the classic anime Sailor Moon, and he's marked by a crescent on his forehead.
  • Itri Itri comes from the Berber languages of Africa. It means simply “star.”
  • Endymion Endymion could be a really unique boy's name. He was the human lover of Selene, goddess of the moon, and sometimes enchanted with eternal sleep to grant him immortality with her.

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