Few things are as breathtaking as a clear night sky. Capture that brilliance and beauty by bestowing upon your little one any of these baby names that mean moon or stars. From Luna to Esther, each of the options is delightful and befitting your beautiful little one. Take a look!

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Names That Mean Moon or Stars

  • LunaLuna means “moon” in Latin and Latin-based languages. She was also the Roman goddess of the moon, where she was hailed as the “queen of the stars.”
  • Dawa Though it sounds similar to Dawn, this is a distinctive Tibetan name that means either “month” or “moon.”
  • Saros Pronounced SEH-ros, this is an astronomical term for the time period between solar and lunar eclipses. It could make a fun and unusual baby name for both genders.
  • StellaFrom the Latin word meaning “star,” Stella is a brilliant baby name that will shine throughout your child's life.
  • Izar Izar means “star” in the Basque region of Spain, but make sure that you're pronouncing it correctly: ee-SAHR.
  • Mayari Mayari is a moon goddess from the Philippines. She's known to rule the night with her beauty, power, and grace, so this could be a very enchanting and empowering baby name.
  • Esther – Esther comes from the old Persian word stara meaning “star.” It can also be traced to the old Hebrew s-t-r meaning “to hide, to conceal.” Either way, it's an elegant and mysterious name.
  • Seren Seren is somewhat popular in its native country of Wales, but it isn't that well-known across the pond. It means “star.”
  • Hoku Meaning “star” in Hawaiian, Hoku is a short and sweet baby name that can be used for both genders. It's traditionally a male name, but it's best known because of female pop singer Hoku.
  • El – El is the fictional word for “star” in The Lord of the Rings, and it's the basis for many beautiful, fantasy-inspired names such as Elenya, Elen, Eleni, Elear, and Elenath.
  • Indu Literally translated to “bright drop,” Indu is more commonly known as the Sanskrit word for “moon.” Use it for either gender.
  • AylaAyla has multiple meanings depending on its language of origin, but in Turkish, it refers to the halo of light around the moon. Other names meaning “light,” “halo,” and “moon” are Aylin, Tulin, and Aylanur.
  • Maristela A multicultural name, Maristela blends Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese as a tribute to the Virgin Mary, also known as Stella Maris or “Our Lady, Star of the Sea.”
  • Kamaria Pronounced kuh-MAR-ee-ah, this beautiful baby name comes from the Swahili language, and it means either “moonlight” or “light of the moon.”
  • Sterling – Sterling is most often translated as “of the highest quality,” but it can also be a reference to the old French word esterlin or “little star.”
  • Astra – Meaning “of the stars,” Astra is a classically beautiful girl's name derived from the Greek word astron or “star.” The male version is Aster.
  • Eirene Eirene is one of the lesser-known moons of Jupiter. Other potential baby names from the mega-planet include Thebe, Cyllene, Aoede, Kalyke, and Elara.
  • Aadhira Though it has a somewhat feminine spelling, Aadhira is also used as a boy's name in Hindu-speaking countries. It means “moon.”
  • Jura Jura is the name of a real mountain range on the moon. It's technically unisex, though it's most commonly associated with the “Maiden of the Moon,” which is a shape on the moon's surface that looks a bit like a woman's profile.
  • Hesper Meaning “evening star” in Greek, Hesper has an old-fashioned ring to it, so it could also be great as a vintage baby name. Alternatives include Hespera and Hesperia.
  • TaraTara is another name with different meanings depending on what language it comes from, but in Sanskrit, it means “star” and symbolizes the light of the soul. It can be used for boys and girls alike.
  • Sidra – Another name used in multiple cultures, Sidra can come from the Latin word sidereus meaning “glittering,” “shining,” or “of the stars.”
  • Soleil Soleil means “sun” in French, and as you're probably aware, the sun is the most important star in our galaxy. This kind of bright and fiery name can be a real trailblazer for your little one.
  • Yemoja A deeply revered figure in Africa's Yoroba culture, Yemoja is the name of a water spirit associated with everything from moonlight to motherhood.
  • SeleneSelene is the Greek goddess of the moon. She's associated with a lot of lunar themes and icons, including stars, tides, light, and more.

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