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Selene is a beautiful, elegant, and classy name for a brand-new baby girl. The origins are Greek since Selene is the Greek goddess of the moon. Selene is also used in the Italian and Spanish languages. There are 2,445 girls with this name in Spain.

Meaning of the name Selene

Moon goddess


Symbolism of the name Selene

Selene is intense and charming. She encourages love and new starts in life. She also takes pride as a promoter and creator of many original ideas. Selene has an exciting and eventful life. She learns new things easily and is versatile in most situations.

Style of the name Selene


Gender of the name Selene

Selene is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Selene


Number of syllables in the name Selene


Emotion evoked from the name Selene

Selene is a homebody. She finds great contentment just being around the house, taking care of her family and loved ones. She takes pride in her duty and responsibility. Selene is affectionate, comforting, and appreciative. She feels obligated to hold truth and justice and find happiness and satisfaction in following the law.

Alternative spellings for the name Selene

  • Celine
  • Selean
  • Seleen
  • Selenne
  • Seleann
  • Selleen
  • Sellene

Nicknames for the name Selene

  • Lena 
  • Cece
  • Moon
  • Sele
  • Chele
  • Sel
  • Nene
  • Lenny

Popularity of the name Selene

Selene entered the popularity charts around 1992 and doubled in popularity in 1993. From 1995 to 2006, its popularity declined drastically. In 2017, it began to climb again and doubled in 2018. It reached a peak of popularity in 2020.

  • Sela
  • Selam
  • Selah
  • Sela

Great middle names for Selene and their meanings

Famous people with the name Selene

  • Selene Luna (Mexican actress)
  • SeleneVigil (Wilk, American singer of the band 7 Year B***)
  • PrincessChannary Jannali Blackburn is the hero of “The Lunar Chronicles” series of books by Marissa Meyer.
  • In Pokemon the default name of the female protagonist is Selene
  • Selene (song by Imagine Dragons)
  • Selene Gallio (Marvel Comics character)
  • Selene (Kate Beckinsale’s character in “Underworld”)
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