If you envision your little girl growing up to be a beautiful human being and beautifully navigating the various periods of metamorphosis along her life's journey, then perhaps select one of these girl names that mean butterfly. From Greta to Josephina to Cynthia and beyond, each option is delightfully feminine. Take a look!

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  • Aponi Aponi is a Native American name. It comes from the word Apaniiwa, meaning ‘butterfly.'
  • Bira – Bira Biro is an Ethiopian name, meaning ‘butterfly.' In the U.S., parents spell the name without the space (Biraboro).
  • Caria Caria is a calming name that means ‘She who flows like water.' It is of Turkish origin and also refers to a multi-colored butterfly that flies extremely fast.
  • Celastrina Here's a name for your blue-eyed beauty. Celastrina is a gorgeous blue-hued butterfly also referred to as the Azure.
  • Choko In Japanese, Choko means ‘butterfly child.' When spelled Chouka, the name translates to ‘butterfly flower.'
  • Chrysalis Chrysalis is a fitting name for a tough girl. It refers to the hard shell that covers the caterpillar during its transition. The name comes from the Greek word chrysos, meaning golden.
  • CynthiaCynthia is a colorful butterfly species. The name is the Latinized form of the Greek Kynthia, referring to a ‘moon goddess.’
  • Dione Dione is a genus of butterflies that includes the Mexican Silverspot and the Juno Longwing. The name has Greek and English origins and translates to ‘goddess' or ‘Divine Queen.'
  • Euthalia Euthalia is a Greek origin name, meaning ‘flower or bloom.' It also refers to a genus of brush-footed butterflies.
  • Flutura The name Flutura comes from the Albanian verb, fluturoj, which means ‘to fly.’ It's also a girl's name, meaning ‘butterfly.'
  • GretaThe name Greta is an old-fashioned name that exudes sophistication and glamour. It’s was made popular in the 1930s by the actress Greta Garbo. The name comes from the German moniker Margarethe and also belongs to a species of butterflies known as Greta Oto.
  • Josephina The name Josephina originates from Hebrew and means ‘God will increase.' It's also the name of a giant white butterfly with brown or black spots called the Ganyra Josephina.
  • Kamama Kamama is a rhythmic girl’s name. It has Cherokee roots and means ‘butterfly.’
  • Kelebek Kelebek is a Turkish name, meaning ‘butterfly.’ You can also spell the name Kelibek.
  • Kimana Kimana is a feminine moniker. It has Native American roots and means ‘butterfly.'
  • Kimimela The name Kimimela is of Native American origin and means ‘little butterfly.’ It has the built-in nickname, Kimi.
  • Mariposa Mariposa is a Spanish name meaning ‘butterfly.’ It comes from the name for the Virgin Mary and the word posar, meaning alight.
  • OlympiaOlympia is a Greek origin name that refers to a ‘saint,' ‘goddess,' or ‘Mount Olympus.' Also, the name belongs to a white butterfly with marble-looking wings.
  • Parvaneh Parvaneh is an attractive girl’s name. It comes from the Persian surname and means butterfly.
  • Sylvia Sylvia is a Latin name, meaning ‘woods’ or forest. It’s also the name of a fast-flying butterfly found in the forested areas of Southeast Asia.
  • Titli The name Titli is of Hindi origin. It refers to a ‘colorful butterfly.'
  • Tullia Tullia has roots in several languages. Definitions range from peaceful in Irish to downpour in Spanish. It’s also the name of a small Australian butterfly with orange and brown wings.
  • VanessaVanessa is a literary invention from Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift. The name was inspired by a young lady Swift tutored named Esther Vanhomrigh. He combined the prefix of her surname and his pet name for her and came up with Vanessa. The name also belongs to a butterfly found in Asia, Europe, and North America.
  • Vlinder Vlinder is a feminine moniker of Dutch origin. It means ‘butterfly' and remains on the top 400 female names in the Netherlands.
  • Yara – Yara has roots in Arabic, Brazilian, and Japanese. It means ‘small butterfly’ or ‘water lady.’ In Brazilian mythology, Yara is a beautiful goddess with fair skin and luxurious green hair. This moniker became popular as actress Yara Shahidi (Blackish and Grownish) rose to fame. It’s also the name of a fictional character on the Games of Thrones.

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