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Baby Names That Mean Butterfly

Baby Names That Mean Butterfly

Baby Names That Mean Butterfly

Butterflies are perhaps the most beloved insects. They symbolize change and are beautiful to watch as they transform from caterpillar to the final colorful creature they become. This list of baby names that mean butterfly captures that notion. From Bindi to Lina to Vanya and beyond, each of these baby names offers a thrilling deviation from the norm. Take a look!

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  • Alex – Alex is a Greek name short for Alexander. It’s also a short form for butterfly names like Alexandra and Alexis. The name is of Greek origin.
  • Atlanta – The gender-neutral name Atlanta is of Greek origin. Also, it is the name of a city in Georgia where you can view the most beautiful butterflies.
  • Bindi – In the Nyungar language of Western Australia, Bindi means ‘butterfly.’ TV personality Bindi Sue Irwin goes by this name.
  • Butterfly – The name Butterfly derives from the Old English word butorfleoge. It symbolizes ‘rebirth, change, metamorphosis, and good luck.’
  • Cho – Cho, also spelled Chou, is of Japanese origin. It is a gender-fluid name for ‘butterfly.'
  • Fafelina – Fafelina is a cute name for a baby girl. It comes from the Italian language and means butterfly.
  • Farasha – Farasha is a name based on the Arabic word for ‘butterflies.’ In Egyptian cultures, many believe butterflies offer pleasure in the afterlife.
  • Iara – This unisex name means ‘small butterfly.' In Greek, Iara means ‘cheerful.' The moniker also refers to a mermaid in Brazilian mythology.
  • Jamides – Jamides makes an attractive name for a boy or a girl. It is a genus of butterflies found in the Palearctic, Australia, and Indomalayan regions. Initially, they have a beige or brown hue, which later turns into a beautiful blue color.
  • Jimi – Jimi is an English origin word. It means ‘new life,' symbolizing what happens when a butterfly bursts through a cocoon.
  • Kalliope – Kalliope is a name of Greek origin. It means ‘beautiful voice’ and refers to a ‘beautiful butterfly.'
  • Kelebak – The name Kelebak means ‘butterfly.’ It has Turkish roots and also describes a person with a ‘charming personality.’
  • Lina – Lina started as a nickname for girls named Paulina and Evangelina. It’s now a given name that traces back to an Arabic word for ‘butterfly.’ Variations include Lena and Lyna.
  • Mantech – The moniker Mantech is a genderless name, meaning ‘butterfly.' But since it has the word man as a prefix, it is mainly given to boys.
  • Memphis – Memphis is a unisex name of Greek origin. It means ‘beautiful and established.’ The name also classifies a genus of butterflies with over 60 species.
  • Motyl – Motyl comes from the Polish surname, meaning ‘butterfly.' It is mostly used as a nickname but makes a great first name, too.
  • Orion – The name Orion is a gender-neutral name. It is associated with the constellation of stars, a hunter in Greek mythology, and a type of butterfly.
  • Papalotl – Papaplotl is an Aztec name pronounced pa-pa-lo-tl. The name, which means ‘butterfly' refers to the Papaplotl as the rulers of paradise.
  • Papillon – Papillon is a gender-neutral name. It is of French origin and means ‘butterfly.’
  • Psyche – It is said Aristotle gave the butterfly the name Psyche. In ancient Greek, butterflies symbolize the soul.
  • Sommerflue – Sommerflue is a Danish name for ‘butterfly.' It also means strength and vitality.
  • Tarralikitak – Tarralikitak is an Eskimo name from the Inuit language. This five-syllable name is a mouthful. Still, it works for either gender and means ‘butterfly.'
  • Vanya – Vanya is a genderless name. It has roots in several languages. Translations include ‘God is gracious,’ ‘bringer of good news,’ and ‘butterfly.’
  • Vartiter – Vartiter is an Armenian name for girls, meaning ‘rose butterfly.’ The name also refers to a flower.
  • Zephyr – Zephyr is a unisex name of Greek origin. The name means ‘west wind' and also refers to a type of butterfly.

How to Teach Your Child An Appreciation for Nature

If you're looking to give your baby a name that means butterfly, chances are you're a lover of nature. You're going to want to ensure that your child grows up with an appreciation and love for nature. Bestowing upon them these values starts early on in life.

When your child is still very little, you can get them interested in nature through simple activities. Buy them animal coloring books, take them to the park to look at the birds and squirrels, and introduce them to cartoons with animal characters. As they grow older, you can have them help you make a bird feeder. Hang your new bird feeder in your yard, and teach your child all about the birds that come to visit.

Many children develop a love for butterflies on their own. Have your child help you plant flowers that are known to attract butterflies. Set up a feeding station for Monarch butterflies. Teach your child all about the role butterflies play in the environment. If they happen to find a cocoon, help them hatch it and then release the butterfly.

By working closely with your child, you can help them develop a love of nature. Who knows, maybe they'll want a career working in nature once they grow up!

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