From Flutur to Jay to Danaus and beyond, each of these boy names that mean butterfly is handsome and one-of-a-kind. Take a look and find the perfect name for your son.

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  • AaronThe name Arron means ‘exalted' or ‘strong' in Hebrew. It's also the name of an orange and brown butterfly (the Aaron Skipper) primarily found in New Jersey.
  • Admiral Admiral is a fitting name for a boy with a take-charge attitude. The name is linked to the Red Admiral butterfly.
  • AdonisAdonis is a familiar name for a handsome boy. The name refers to a gorgeous blue butterfly.
  • Aglais Aglais is a multicolored brush-footed butterfly also known as the peacock butterfly. The name itself stems from a Greek word that means ‘splendid' or ‘shining.'
  • ApolloAs a name, Apollo denotes strength. The moniker is also associated with an angelic-looking butterfly. It has white wings with red marks on the hind wings and black specks on the forewings.
  • Argus Greek mythology describes Argus as ‘the guardian with many eyes.’ The name also refers to a butterfly with a dotted outline on its tail.
  • BladeIf you're looking for a name with an edge, consider Blade. The name is associated with a butterfly knife, which is a type of switchblade.Although the instrument is illegal in some states, it makes a cool name for a sharp little boy.
  • Danaus Danaus is a powerful Greek name for your little tiger. A butterfly with tiger-like stripes shares the name.
  • Ekval Ekval is a name of Indian origin that means ‘butterfly.’ It also represents beauty and a free spirit.
  • Faranak In Muslim countries, the name Faranak is common. It is of Persian origin and derives from Parvaneh, meaning ‘butterfly.’
  • Flutur Flutur is a common name in Albania and Kosovo. It means ‘butterflies.’
  • Fresco Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, Fresco means ‘fresh start.' The name has Italian roots.
  • Hector The moniker Hector has French, Spanish, English, and Scottish origins. It means to ‘hold or possess.' The name is also connected to a swallowtail butterfly with black, white, and crimson-rose wings.
  • Jay The moniker Jay belongs to a butterfly of the swallowtail family. The name is of Latin origin.
  • Kamehameha Kamehameha is a unique Hawaiian name that means ‘the one set apart.' It also refers to a type of butterfly located only in Hawaii.
  • Laertes The name Laertes means ‘gatherer of the people.’ It‘s a boy‘s name from Ancient Greek. It’s also the name of a butterfly found in South and Central America.
  • Leander Leander is the name of a butterfly found in Armenia, Asia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Russia. It sports a yellowish brown underside with hints of gray/green on its hindwings.
  • Memengwa Memengwa is a gender-neutral name mostly given to boys of the Ojibwe tribe. This Native American name means ‘butterfly.'
  • Perhonen The name Perhonen is Finnish and means ‘butterfly’. It is a masculine name.
  • Taurins Taurins is a boy's name of Latin origin. It refers to the Taurus zodiac sign and a ‘bright colored butterfly.'
  • TitusTitus is a masculine moniker of Greek and Latin origins. In Greek, it means ‘of the giants' and in Latin, it translates to a ‘title of honor.' The name is also associated with the Satyrium Titus, a beautiful gray butterfly with coral streaks.
  • UlyssesUlysses is a Latin name linked to a swallowtail butterfly. The male species has a bluish-green color with black edges.
  • Viceroy The name Viceroy belongs to a long list of royal baby names. It means ‘one who represents the king.' The name also points to a North American butterfly that resembles the Monarch.
  • Vivalter The name Vivalter comes from Middle German. It's a rare masculine moniker, meaning ‘butterfly.'
  • Xiuhtecuhtli A name of Aztec origin, Xiuhtecuhtli refers to the ‘God of fire.' He is said to appear in many forms, including a figure with butterfly wings.' You pronounce this name Shoo-teh-coot-lee.

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