This list of boy names that mean bird is filled with a vast selection of handsome options for your son. Explore the options — complete with meaning and origin — and find the perfect fit!

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  • Altair Altair is an Arabic name that means ‘the flyer' or the ‘flying eagle who hunts.' It also refers to a star in the constellation Aquila.
  • ArnoldArnold means ‘strong as an eagle' or ‘ruler' in German. Not only is the name used heavily in Germany, but it's a common boy's name in America, too.
  • Baz Baz is a short form of Barry and Sebastian. It has Greek, Latin, Celtic, and Irish roots. The name is popular in the Netherlands and means ‘regal' or ‘falcon.'
  • Birtle Birtle means ‘hill of birds.' This male moniker comes from the Old English word bridd, which refers to a ‘nesting ground for birds.'
  • Burdett Burdett originates from a Middle English surname, meaning ‘bird.' The name also has roots in French and means ‘protector.'
  • BransonThe name Branson has climbed steadily since breaking through the Top 1000 in 1995. From English origin, it means ‘son of the raven.'
  • CallumIn Scottish, Callum means ‘dove.' The name was a favorite among early Christians as it symbolizes ‘purity and peace.'
  • Chakor Chakor is a male name of Indian origin. It means ‘a bird fascinated with the moon.'
  • Culver The moniker Culver comes from the Old English surname culfre. It refers to ‘one who cares for doves.'
  • DrakeThis simple one-syllable name is of English origin. It means ‘dragon' or ‘male duck.'
  • Efron A variant of Ephron, this Hebrew name means ‘bird.' It also refers to a ‘young deer.'
  • Ezio From the Italian word, meaning eagle, the name Ezio indicates you're going to have one strong and devoted boy on your hands. This name also has Portuguese roots.
  • Faulker This name comes from the English surname Falconer. It refers to a ‘falconeer' or ‘one who trains falcons.'
  • Fechin This Irish moniker comes from the word ‘fiach.' The name, which means ‘raven,' is typically given to boys.
  • GavinGavin is an attractive choice for a boy. The name derives from the medieval Gawain and means ‘white hawk' in the Celtic language. It reached the Top 100 names in the year 2000 and climbed to number 30 in the year 2008.
  • Hawk When it comes to powerful bird names, Hawk tops the list. This fierce name is the short form of Hawkins and comes from the Old English name Hafoc, meaning ‘hawk' or ‘wild disposition.'
  • Jayron Jayron is a charming male moniker of Latin origin, referring to a ‘blue crested bird.' It also has Hebrew origins and means ‘he will sing.'
  • Kwatoko Kwatoko is a masculine name of Native American origin. It refers to a ‘bird with a big beak.'
  • Lonan Lonan is an Irish moniker, meaning ‘little blackbird.' The name also has Native American roots and refers to a ‘cloud.'
  • Manu Manu is a spunky Polynesian name that means ‘bird of the night.' Most likely, the name refers to the nightingale. This bird is noted for singing melodious tunes at night during the breeding season.
  • Sharaf The name Sharaf goes back to the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It‘s a popular name in Muslim communities and means seagull.
  • Shunnar Shunnar, meaning ‘bird,' has a pleasant ring. It is a masculine name of Arabic origin.
  • Talako Here's a boy's name that has wings. In Choctaw, Talako means ‘eagle.'
  • TalonTalon is a strong masculine moniker. It is French and refers to a ‘bird's claw.'
  • Wolfram Wolfram lends itself to an awesome nickname (Wolf). The name, meaning ‘wolf raven,' comprises the Old Germanic words wulfaz (wolf) and raban (raven). Often, the raven follows the wolf to pick up scraps from a hunt.

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