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Talon is a powerful baby name for boys. It originates from the word used for the claws on a bird of prey. This rugged title is relatively trendy, especially when considering it is a top 800 option in America.

Meaning of the name Talon:

English: talon, claw
French: talon, claw
Latin: anklebone

Origin of the name Talon:

The baby name Talon is relatively modern in its popularity. It comes from the word “talon,” which represents the claw on a bird. “Talon” was a French term brought to England after the Norman invasion. It comes from the Latin “talus,” which translates to “anklebone.”

Symbolism of the name Talon:

Talon has several meanings that are very similar. The English and French word “talon” dates back to the Latin “talus.” “Talus” translates to “anklebone” in English. A “talon” on a bird is a “claw.”

Style of the name Talon:


Gender of the name Talon:

Talon is a powerful name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Talon:


Number of syllables in the name Talon:


Emotion evoked from the name Talon:

Talon is a strong and natural baby name. It is rugged and upbeat.

Alternative spellings for the name Talon:

  • Talen
  • Talinn
  • Talin
  • Tallen
  • Tallon
  • Tallonn

Nicknames for the name Talon:

  • Tal
  • Alon
  • Al
  • Tallie
  • Tally

Popularity of the name Talon:

Talon was first a top 1,000 baby name in America in 1990 at rank 929. As of 2021, it is a top 800 option at rank 796. Talon ranked highest in 2006 at 426.

Related names for the name Talon:

Great middle names for Talon and their meanings:

  • Jett (jet black)
  • Zane (God's gracious gift, God is gracious)
  • Cash (maker of chests)
  • Silas (forest, woods)
  • Wilder (wild, untamed)
  • Ryder (horseman, horse rider)
  • Brantley (sword, fiery torch, field)
  • Ash (happy, ash tree)

Famous people with the name Talon:

  • Talon Stark (son of Lucia Stark)
  • Talon Hopper (son of Kasey Chambers and Cori Hopper)
  • Talon Gill (son of Hal Gill)

Talons in popular culture:

  • Talon Spierr of Morrigantes (character from “Night Embrace”)
  • Talon Karrde (character in the “Star Wars” series)
  • Talon (character in “Legend of Zelda” series)
  • Talon (character from “Under the Never Sky”)
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