The name “Cash” is fairly modern and trendy, but it was used as a given name as far back as the 1800s. However, it didn't take off in the United States until 2003, and it's been a huge hit ever since. The baby boy name is beloved by celebrities, particularly those in the music industry looking for a connection to the legendary Johnny Cash. And while its origins aren't 100 percent certain, there is no doubt that the name evokes a rustic, country image.

Meaning of the name Cash:

English: Chest maker
Latin: Hollow
French: Money box

Origin of the name Cash:

There are several ideas surrounding the origin of the name Cash as a given name. One of the most common is that it started as an occupational English surname meaning “chest maker.”

Symbolism of the name Cash:

While the name has several potential origins, the word “cash” means “money in coins or notes” in English. For this reason, some may associate the baby name with wealth.

Style of the name Cash:


Gender of the name Cash:

Cash is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Cash:


Number of syllables in the name Cash:


Emotion evoked from the name Cash:

Cash has a rustic feel that evokes the image of a cowboy or rugged man.

Alternative spellings for the name Cash:

  • Kash
  • Kasch

Nicknames for the name Cash:

  • Cashie

Popularity of the name Cash:

Cash has been a given name since at least the 19th century, but it didn't make the Social Security Administration's list of the top 1,000 names for baby boys until 2003. Since then, it's become more and more popular, and in 2020, it ranked at 265.

Related names for the name Cash:

Great middle names for Cash and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Cash:

  • Cash Warren (producer)
  • Cash Peters (author)
  • Cash Colligan (musician)
  • Cash Baker (singer)

Cashes in popular culture:

  • Cash Bundren (character in the book “As I Lay Dying”)
  • Cashin the animated film “The Fox and the Hound 2”)