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Allen is a baby name that has been around since the beginning of the sixth century. It began in Brittany, moving to the rest of England and the world. Now, the name has multiple spelling options like Alan and Allan and is a top 500 name option.

Meaning of the name Allen:

Celtic: handsome, cheerful

Origin of the name Allen:

Allen had an original spelling of Alan. The name was used in Britanny in the sixth century, popularizing throughout the region of Breton. Many settlers to the area brought it to England after the Norman Invasion, eventually leading to use by a variety of dukes of Brittany.

Symbolism of the name Allen:

It is unknown exactly where the name Allen originated from. Some believe that it was first even a surname among the Bretons. In either case, the name means “handsome” or “cheerful” among traditional Englishmen.

Style of the name Allen:


Gender of the name Allen:

Allen is a traditional name for baby boys.

Pronunciation of the name Allen:


Number of syllables in the name Allen:


Emotion evoked from the name Allen:

Allen is a simple name, albeit quite formal. It is very mature and wholesome.

Alternative spellings for the name Allen:

Nicknames for the name Allen:

  • Al
  • Alfie
  • Alf
  • Ale
  • Alfi
  • Len
  • Lennie
  • Lenny

Popularity of the name Allen:

The baby name Allen was almost always a top 100 name from 1900 to 1968, except for a few years when it was around rank 103 or 104. It ranked highest at 71 in 1940, 1942, 1949, and 1950. As of 2020, Allen is a top 500 name option at rank 463.

Related names for the name Allen:

Great middle names for Allen and their meanings:

  • Oakley (wood clearing)
  • Montgomery (hill, power)
  • Lucas (bringer of light)
  • Henry (house ruler)
  • Kurt (counselor, advisor)
  • Russell (red-haired, red-skinned)
  • William (resolute protector, strong-willed warrior)
  • Wyatt (brave, strong)
  • Tyler (doorkeeper of an inn)

Famous people with the name Allen:

  • Allen Iverson (NBA player)
  • Allen West (Florida Congressman)
  • Allen Robinson II (NFL player)
  • Allen Candler (governor of Georgia)
  • Allen Ellendar (Louisiana Senator)
  • Allen Fletcher (governor of Vermont)
  • Allen Dulles (director of the CIA)
  • Allen Drury (novelist)
  • Allen Covert (actor, “Happy Gilmore”)

Allens in popular culture:

  • Allen (character from “Evillious Chronicles”)
  • Allen (character from “The Walking Dead”)
  • Allen the Alien (character from Image Comics)
  • Allen Walker (character from “D. Gray”)
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