From Asher to Chance to Isaac, each of these boy names that mean unexpected joy is handsome and unique. Explore the options to find the best name for your sweet baby boy.

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  • Anit Anit is an older boy's name that means a child who brings eternal joy to his family. This name is quite popular in India.
  • Arnan In Hebrew, the name Arnan means unexpected joy. A popular nickname is Arnie.
  • AsherAsher is a Jewish name that means an unexpected blessing or fortune granted to a family. The hit TV show How to Get Away with Murder featured a character with this name.
  • Bayo Africans use the name Bayo to describe the moment when the crown grants joy to others. It is an older boy's name.
  • BennettUsed as a boy's name, Bennett means a child who gives joy that never ends. Bennett is a popular Christian baby name.
  • CaiusCaius is an older name that means a son who brings joy to his family. A pope appointed during the third century had this name, which helped it become popular among Christians.
  • ChanceParents like that this name can mean unexpected joy or an unexpected surprise. Chase began as an English name before spreading around the world.
  • Ender Ender describes the unexpected surprise and joy found with a new baby. Originally used in Turkey, the name became popular after the book Ender's Game featured a main character named Ender.
  • Faegan Faegan means joyful and is a boy's name. While the name has English roots and is quite old, Faegan has a modern and trendy feel. Fagan is an alternate spelling of the name.
  • Fane Fane is an alternative to similar names such as Blaine and means joyous and happy. This name started as a way to describe cheerful men during the Middle Ages.
  • Gaius Though Gaius doesn't mean joyful, it does show the rejoicing that a family does at the birth of a son. Gaius has Latin roots.
  • Gili Gili means my joy and is an easy way for parents to describe their sons. Similar to Gil, the name started as a Hebrew boy's name.
  • Hayate Hayate is a name that represents the unexpected sounds associated with the wind along with the joys and surprises that storms bring. It is a Japanese name.
  • IkeThe name Ike means someone who makes others feel joyful and makes them laugh. It was the nickname of former American President Eisenhower.
  • IsaacWhile similar to the name Ike, Isaac means someone who makes others laugh and feel joy. This name ranks as one of the top baby names in the United States.
  • Marnin Marnin means both someone who creates joy and a boy who carries joy with him. A popular nickname that goes along with this Hebrew name is Marn.
  • Naim Found in different cultures, Naim means joyous and happy or pleasant. Naim has roots in both Hebrew and Arabic regions.
  • Naom Parents looking for a name that means both joy and delight can choose Naom. Naom is a Jewish version of the Hebrew name Noam.
  • Nenad Nenad is a unique name that stands means unexpected and a surprise. This name can also mean unexpected joy and has Serbian roots.
  • Ron A short version of the full name Ronald, Ron is an English name that means a joyous boy. This name is popular among Harry Potter fans because Ron was the name of a top character.
  • Ronel Different from Ron, Ronel is a full name that shows the joy God brought to a family. Ronel started as a Welsh boy's name.
  • Selig Selig began as a Yiddish term that meant fortunate and joyful. Modern Jewish families began using it as a boy's name.
  • WinstonThis English name stands for a type of joy stone. Many parents name their sons Winston in honor of Winston Churchill.
  • Zahal Zahal is a name that means a son who brings joy to his family. Though not as common as it was in the past, Zahal is popular among Hebrew families.
  • Zelig An alternative to Selig, Zelig means someone who brings joy and blessings to his family. This name is popular among Jewish people.

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