At Asher's birth, Leah exclaimed, “Happy am I, for the daughters will call me happy.” From then henceforth, the name Asher is used in homesteads to explain how happy they are to hold their bundle of joy. It is an inspiration to many since it is one of the tribes of Israel. People who have been named Asher achieve great things. Here are some more fascinating facts about the baby name Asher.

Meaning of the name Asher:

In Hebrew: blessed, fortunate, happy one, or abundance
In Arabic: the lucky; wise and knowledgeable

Origin of the name Asher:

The baby's Name Asher is of Hebrew origin. Asher was the eighth son of Jacob, whom he named as a blessing and happiness to his family. It is, therefore, a name that has been used a lot in the Old Testament, especially by the Asherites. For several years since the 1890s, the name Asher has been on top of the baby names list.

The symbolism of the name Asher:

With a very strong Hebrew origin and a Biblical foundation, the name Asher symbolizes blessings and abundance. In the bible, Asher was a son to Jacob and Zilpha. Even though he was son to a maid serving Jacob's wife, he was promised life full of blessings and abundance. Therefore, anybody who names their child Asher wants to tap into this great meaning that the name carries.

Style of the name Asher:

Asher fits in the traditional style, the classic style, and the new age style since it has been used over a long period and across many generations.

Gender of the name Asher:

Asher is unisex. Both genders, m/f, can comfortably use it.

Pronunciation of the name Asher:


Number of syllables in the name Asher:


The emotion evoked from the name Asher:

Blessings and happiness are some of the feelings evoked by the name Asher. The name also brings the feeling of the ability to do great things.

Alternative spellings for Asher:

In the biblical and Latin variant, it is also spelled as Aser.

Nicknames for the name Asher:

The personality of the name bearer also determine their nicknames. Ash could be used playfully with little ones, while Ashy could refer to a friend or a person you are free with.

The popularity of the name Asher:

From 2000 to 2019, Asher has ranked in the top 50 list of baby names in the United States.

Related names for Asher:

Archer, Jasper, Ezra, Levi, Sawyer, Jude, Silas, Caleb, and Eli

Great middle names for Asher and their meaning:

Famous people with the name Asher:

  • Asher Karin (Businessperson)
  • Asher Book (Actor)
  • Asher Benjamin (Architect)
  • Asher Keddie (Actress)
  • Asher Cohen (psychologist)

Asher's in movies/pop culture:

  • Asher Angle (Pop culture predictor and actor)
  • Asher McShane (Film writer and producer)
  • Asher Tlalim (Award-winning film director)
  • Asher Mollye (Owner of a production house)
  • Asher Soriano (A storyteller in the film industry)
  • Asher Hill (A Canadian dancer)
  • Asher Ingham (Voice actor)
  • Asher Monroe (Rapper)
  • Asher Roth (TikTok star)