From Tate, which loosely means “cheerful,” to Winston, which means “stone of joy,” each of these boy names that mean happiness is unique and delightful. Explore the many options to find the best name for your son.

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  • FelixFelix has been one of the most popular names for boys in the United States for well over a century. It comes from the Latin word for “happy.” It's also a name associated with numerous saints.
  • AsherIn the Bible, when Leah's husband, Jacob, welcomes his son, Asher, with a servant, Leah says, “Happy am I! For women have called me happy.” For this reason, the name Asher is often associated with happiness. It can also mean “ash tree.”
  • Tate Tate was once a nickname. Today, it's short and sweet and makes a great given name or middle name for boys. It most likely comes from the Old Norse word “teitr,” which means “cheerful.”
  • Gaius Gaius was a popular name for Romans in the day of Julius Ceasar. It means “happy” and “jolly.” Many believe the word “gay” was derived from it.
  • Gilon Gilon isn't a name you hear very often. It's much more common in areas where Hebrew is spoken, as it has Hebrew origins. The name means “joy.”
  • Onni Onni may seem unusual in the United States, but it's quite popular in Finland. Its meaning is “happiness” and “luck.”
  • Zorion Zorion's exact origins are unknown. It's thought to be Greek, Portuguese, and Basque. While there may be some disagreement about its background, everyone seems to agree that it means “happy.”
  • Zahal Zahal is a Hebrew boys' name that means “joy.” It's also a name associated with a brand of military gear.
  • WinstonBoth a given name and surname, Winston is thought to mean “stone of joy.” Many people associate the name with the late prime minister, Winston Churchill.
  • IsaacIn the Bible, Isaac was the son of Abraham. The name means “laughter” and is often associated with happiness and joy.
  • Oron Oron is a Hebrew name that isn't too common, but it has both a given name and middle name potential. It means “light” and “joy.” The name is associated with a positive outlook on life.
  • Cayo Cayo has a nice ring to it, but this name that is more common in Spanish-speaking cultures hasn't yet caught on in the United States. It means “to rejoice.” It may also be a place name in Wales.
  • Naim Naim is a boys' name that has both Arabic and Hebrew origins. In Arabic, it means “happiness and comfort.” In Hebrew, it means “pleasantness.” Naim comes with a variety of spelling options, including Nayeem and Naeem.
  • Selig Selig is an Old German name. It can mean “happy” or “blessed.” It can also be spelled Zelig.
  • Ayo The baby name Ayo has roots in West Africa. It's used for both boys and girls and has the simple meaning of “joy.”
  • Macarius Macarius is a Latin name that is attributed to many beloved saints from throughout history, like Macarius of Egypt. The name means “blessed” or “happy.”
  • Macario Macario is the Spanish version of Marcarius. It's becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Macario also means “blessed” or “happy.”
  • Saeed Saeed is an Arabic name that is especially popular in Africa. The name means “happy.” It can also be a surname.
  • Whelan Whelan is an Irish name that you don't hear much of these days, but it would make a great alternative to the more popular Waylon. The name means “joyful.”
  • Xing-fu Xing-fu is a Chinese baby name that's growing in popularity. It means “joyful” or “happy.” The pronunciation is Zhingk-FOO.
  • Radman Radman isn't a name used much in the United States. It's more common in Slavic countries. It means “joy.”
  • Arnan In the Bible, Arnan is a descendent of King David. The Hebrew name means “joyful.” It can also mean “quick.”
  • CaiusCaius is a Latin name that means “rejoice,” and throughout history, it's been associated with happiness and joyful occasions. It was also the name of a Pope, and Shakespeare has used it in several of his plays.
  • Faine Faine is an Old English name that means “happy” and “joyous.” It can also be spelled Fane.
  • Feliciano Feliciano is a Spanish version of Felix. Of course, all the names in this family mean “happy.” They can also mean “lucky.”

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